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Thread: 1st S.O.F.T. T-shirt (design)

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    the desgin looks quite hip .... but i've some suggestions:

    since mayb the shirt can help promote the soft icon/site the website should be printed a bit larger so that when ppl wear it other ppl can see the website & remember & they can log on ...

    also maybe add more instrument with the ppls so that ppl know it's a music "shirt" promoting a music website .... can add drums, etc better ...

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    Black or white?

    I think the tee looks cool. The cartoon is cool. It's like an identity thing for the website. The thing is, if the tee is white, things will look different. The orange font won't stand out, so probably that has to change to something on the opposite end of the spectrum. The cartoon will look different, too. Maybe can have a rectangular frame for the graphic if the tee is white, should look better.

    erh... the vein of life won't fit too nicely (tis a Vai fan site?), but it'll be great to have that... ha..haha... just a plain black tee with the vein of life running on the side. =P Maybe, put in a Jem or Universe... ok, nvm...

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    find e soft t-shirt

    8) nice and cool>>>> ware 2 find it??? which site cani find the t-shirt???

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    thank you all for the feedback and suggestions!

    the cartoon is kinda the icon for

    not so long ago, i met a music producer from another country. we were just chating and he was telling me how cool things are over in his country. then, i took out my '' name card. you know what was the first thing he said?

    "hey, i have seen these characters before!"

    i hope in moons to come, when people see our t-shirts, they will say,

    "hey, i have seen these characters before!"

    i have got a manufacturer to do a sample print for me, still waiting for it to come back. will inform you guys when it is ready. Good for using as festive gifts too. :wink:

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    The T-Shirt design looks pretty impressive. My opinion is to have it in 2 colours (Black and White) Those who dont like black can go for other one..

    :lol: Dandruff and other problems are to be ignored ( :P look out for a good dermatologist or use double dose of Head & Shoulders or Tonsure your head :?: ) :lol:

    Black or white

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    white tee

    hmm... actually the white doesn't look too bad... =)

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    With such vastly different comments on the design of the T-shirt, I guess it doesn't hurt to add one more.

    How about a polo T for older folks like me? something simple will appeal to a larger target audience.

    I won't mind a poster of the cartoon characters though...

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    MidnightFender -

    no no, older folks must wear more hip. hee..hee that's why i am always in t-shirts. 8)

    with an average band member age of 23, i am also considered much older already. he..hee..heee

    live33 -

    white one not bad too huh :wink: . hee..hee.. see if possible to make 2 versions or not.

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    estimate how much 1 will cost and where will we be getting those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordonzz
    with a nude cartoonist girl stripping and spinning her jacket on a motor bike yelling 'eeeeeeee ya!!'
    what about my previous idea?

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