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Thread: Malaysia REAL ROCK BAND competition

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    Malaysia REAL ROCK BAND competition

    Check out this site

    This is Malaysia Rock band competiton, not the present clown competition which is on our national tv, it is a shame to the rock music world when foreigners watch our clown competiton now

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    couple of months ago i saw this BATTLE OF THE BANDS in UNIVERSITY MALAYA. I saw they played, and i was so shock, that they are so GOOD! I mean really good, with those "high-pitched-90's-rock-vocals" which is almost impossible to find in any commercial band vocalist nowadays to the ichael engelo shredding of guitar playing and to joey jordison double bass tabbing.

    and whats more, they are playing for passion ONLY, considered they purusing their degree. I wonder ... they are good, why they dont want to go out commercialize themselves? or maybe... nowadays rocka r enot marketable?

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    you mean we've a competition? The proj superband ah? That one never say want rock band i guess all sorts of bands went to participate...

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    it's like comparing apples to oranges. the channel u superband competition never potrayed itself as a Rock Band competition.
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    superband? aahahaha..... :roll:

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    malaysia is heading for a Rock Revival, its all happening for them. rock musicians getting together and putting out collaborations. new rock band competitions. bands from the 80s starting from square 1 again, doing compilations all over again. an upcoming rockumentary/movie too. Lets not forget, they have an established scene, we don't

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    most probably.... malaysia rock scene will get back like before... BUT it will never be the same. the environment doesnt suit anymore...

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    What is it that "environment doesn't suit anymore" got to do with Rock music? which caters to the soul? springs from the depth of your being? did u hear "carrie" Europe or "what keeps me loving you" XYZ before?
    Or you are still not sure how great rock bands actually is? :lol:

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    the rockunite thing looks so fun... if only we can have that kind of a thing... amazing.

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    Malaysia rock scene had never died down.. Just that their media played less rock doesnt mean the rock scene is dead there.. Just check out Search's concert VCD.. Or if u want to experience it urself, just check out Pasir Gudang's many rock concerts...

    As they all say, "Rock Never Death brotherrr....."
    Solos makes me smile....

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