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Thread: Would you recommend the zoom g2?

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    Would you recommend the zoom g2?

    I'm going to get my first pedal and i'm looking at the zoom g2 from citymusic,i was thinking if it would be worth it as my first pedal and i mostly play rock/punk/metal so i will be looking at the distortion from this multi-efx pedal.Does anyone have a review for the distortion of the zoom g2?I have heard that the distortion model is the boss mt-2

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    i dun own a zoom g2.1u but I do own a zoom 707II which is actually an older version of the g2. Apparently, the 707II works really well for me, it was my first pedal. The ZNR function (zoom noise reduction) works really well, and the distortion is great for the genre that u just mentioned. Good luck! from what i know citymusic's having a sale now, so it's a good time to get it. power adapters are out of stock tho!

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    Aw..but i can get the power adaptor in any guitar stores right?

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    i owned a g2. it's gd for those who are on budget. sound is not bad. i use this to play some punk rock, punk pop, alternative etc.

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    ok,guess i'll drop by citymusic tmr and have a look,thanks for the help

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    Depends on whether they are selling the G2 in the first place. Not all guitar shops are carrying in. And City Music is the main distributor.
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    So there is a specific adaptor for the G2?Okay,i'll check citymusic tmr,thanks

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    I'm getting the g2 tomorrow too...maybe I'll see you there...

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    maybe u guys could check out the line6 pod multi efx?
    those might cost abit more but they definitely sound awesome

    i would prefer line 6 over zoom products..
    i used to own a zoom707II it lasted me awhile..
    but i thought it sounded abit funny

    edit: they have line6 at citymusic too.. and they are on sale too

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    Yeah,saw someone on youtube making a great cover of welcome to the jungle with the line6,but wayy too ex,i just started playing guitar,haha

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