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Thread: ipod help!

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    ipod help!

    my ipod nano 2gb after restoring the sound that i hear in it sounds distorted..i tried everything. EQs etc. but nothing works..any ideas people? nid help urgently here appreciate ur help.

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    try reseting your ipod...
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    i tried resetting by pressing the menu n centre button together ryte? after resetting oso the same thing.alamak deyyy..

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    or is it the song quality itself?
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    Or perhaps the earpiece?
    I have SO MANY ipod problems but none are sound wise.

    Or maybe you wanna check if there's an updated software?
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    i think that time i accidentaly updated its software..then it suddenly has this "put the earpiece jack halfway" kinda sound.i tried with 3 different earpieces and all sound the same

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    might be ur input jack, how old is ur ipod?
    if there is warranty, u might want to go get it changed
    my ipod's input jack kinda got worn out and died..

    i recently just changed it and its working well again
    plus, i also got to change to a new enclosure

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    wayne how much did you pay for that? or is it under warranty?
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    bring it down to some Apple shop let them check

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickeatworld View Post
    wayne how much did you pay for that? or is it under warranty?
    nope,not under warranty.. haha, its 3 years old man.. its a 5th gen..
    erm i paid around SGD$40 for the inputjack+hold switch
    and i paid around another $40 for the enclosure

    if im not wrong i got it from this website
    its local

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