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Thread: Drumsticks

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    Doesn't anyone use Zildjian sticks?
    I'm still using them after 2 years so far.

    Got a sig series Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez pair, very light, very fast, very precise, small head. Nice rebound on most drum heads i've tried too. But it can get quite painful for your fingers after a long time since the pressure will be higher.

    The other one I just got is something thicker and bigger, Maple Acorn Tip...uh. 16in, .62. It's the maple series so it's lighter than it looks, hahah.

    And yeah, I'm a fan of light sticks. ^^
    Might wanna try some Ahead sticks too, a friend of mine recommends.
    Anyone with Ahead sticks? Do tell us something bout them in this thread too.
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    arkofmiracles: read the thread man, Nike bro and I are using Zildjian's

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    I've been meaning to try out 7A's from Pro-Mark. I'm currently using 3drumsticks which has been working well with me. But has anyone been to Yamaha recently? Are the 7A wood-tips in stock?

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    My favourites are Pro-mark Carter Beauford & Mike Portnoy signature sticks.

    Actually Zildjian jazz 5A sticks are quite handy.

    Besides that, I use Pro-mark Nylon Brush but planning to change into steel brush because -- there's no steel hook in the back of this Nylon Brush which means it can't give you the "Ding" sound when you knock it on any bell or cymbal. So yeah, Zildjian steel brush looks better.

    A pair of multi-rod too, to be used in indoor occasion.

    Zildjian 5B (which was recommended by the Yamaha school) is the most among all wood sticks, and it lasted 2 years for me. ^ ^" All the other sticks broke within 3 months. T_T

    If you're tiring of buying new sticks, use, crack them, re-buy, use, crack.... and so for, you can think of "Ahead" drum sticks. ;-)

    "Ahead" polymer drum sticks are expensive but it's the most durable stick I used ever, Joey Jordison (Slipknot) uses it!

    Ooops, they didn't pay me any advertisement fee, I just like it. ^ ^

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    Engraved Personalised Drumsticks


    I was just wondering if there's any shop in Singapore doing a personalised name engraving on the drumsticks. If you guys happen to know any, do tell me alright.

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    just bought sum vic firth - steve gadd signatures today
    been using sum vic firth 2nds that i got cheap

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    I like Jack DeJohnette and Simon Philips signature model
    and ofcoz

    from the man himself

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    for me, a few sticks work well for me although they break super easily man. vic firth's 7A, 8DN....i bought and tried a promark recently, but its like dying alr so i guess im sticking to vic firth's 8DN (:
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    vic firth 8D rocks!

    but i believe mine's dying pretty soon. i might get another one or maybe try vic firth's more beefier sticks.
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    Thats my drumsticks. Didnt wanna inclue my sister's one otherwise no space.
    O wells. Anyone can recommend me where to get those coloured,sweat absorbent drumtape? yamaha sells at $17. i might as well buy badminton grip one i went to tanking today and saw the drum tape $7.50 but not nice la... like for injury..:/ any idea anyone?
    O yea anyway the yellow and blue swticks my friend customise for me la.. in sec one i think. over a travis barker stick. o wells they took the effort so i decied not to destroy them and i got an extra yellow stick incase one my yellow stick breaks. Back up
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