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Thread: Can't Get Enough of the Satchurator?

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    Can't Get Enough of the Satchurator?

    The Joe Satriani Satchurator Signature Pedal was one of the most sought after distortion pedals in Singapore for 2008. Now you maybe asking, what next?

    Presenting, the latest gadget, a result of a collaboration between one of the world's most famous guitarists and most influential guitar amp makers in the world. A little green box called - The Time Machine.

    Coming Soon to City Music.
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    Awesome! I've been seeing this being speculated about all over the net.

    Do update us when the pedal is in, along with the pricing. I'd pop by immediately to purchase one!

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    I wonder how it sound. Anyway, I am eagerly waiting for my Satchurator

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    damn city music i love you guys man. haha always thinking of customer's needs ;D

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    Hi City Music,

    Any news on the Time Machine's arrival date and pricing? I'd like to reserve one.

    It seems that some people in the states have received their pedals already.

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    Hi tubescreamer,

    Where did you get that news from? Apparently I can't seem to find any US online retailers selling the VOX/Joe Satriani Time Machine, and states that it will only be out early Jan 2009. From what we know, the Time Machine will be unveiled at the 2009 Winter Namm Show, with stocks reaching Singapore around the same time as its debut.

    But unfortunately, the exact pricing for the Time Machine has not yet been finalized. We will be posting up the pricing on this pedal once we have more info and will be taking pre-orders then. Cheers!

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    Deposit to Secure

    Hi City Music,

    Are we still able to place a deposit to secure the Time Machine before the shipment arrives?

    Let us know, thanks.

    "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop, The Lion and the Mouse

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    Hi trippyfactory,

    Yes you can, we will update the forums once we have a fixed price for the Time Machine. It is a bit difficult to apportion the deposit amount as Vox has not informed us on the MSRP of the Time Machine, but we will let you guys know as soon as possible. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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    Hey everyone,

    Great news! The Joe Satriani VOX Time Machine Delay Pedal has finally arrived! We are one of the first few countries in the world to get our hands on this amazing pedal so hurry down and give the Time Machine and test-drive today! Don't worry, testing is free!

    Please refer to this thread, for pricing and more info.

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