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Thread: what snares do you guys have?

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    My snares.....

    From left to right....

    Pearl Firecracker Poplar Snare 10 x 5
    Pearl JJ Snare 13 x 6.5
    OCDP 15 Ply Maple Snare 13 x 5.5
    Pearl Forum Snare 14 x 5
    Pearl Reference 20 Ply Snare 14 x 6.5

    Not in the picture.

    Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare

    Soon to come

    DW Edge Snare
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    Did you order in the OC?

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    Damn it! The moment i reached home from camp I saw this thread and plainsman's post...basket!...

    Here ya go...nothing special

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    Ahhh, Frummer I see you have been taking good care of my snare drums. Thanks for that ! Oh yea by the way I gotta take all them back soon as I'm going for a couple of tours next year.
    you know you can double pedal, when you double pedal standing up.

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    Composer >> I got the OC second-hand but it's a custom made OC, not those mass produced ones from China.

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    Hey frummer, what store is that?

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    Bought this from softie Zachyboy yesterday!

    With my Valkyrie...

    (yes, I'm putting it on a mirror =P I wish I had four of these!)

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    Hi guys, here is my snare. It's a DW Collector's Series Brass Snare, 14x5.5, in Knurled finish with gold hardware. It has a Delta ball bearing throw-off and heads by REMO. I got it at Tom Lee over a year ago.

    Apologies for the hazy images.


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    Very nice, rla! I'm not digging the DW lugs though, sorry!

    Do you have pictures of the throw-off? Sounds interesting.

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