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Thread: what snares do you guys have?

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    what snares do you guys have?

    Its a cutting edge Pearl Eric Singer Signature 6.5" x 14" drum is one you can feel as well as hear. The snare features a 10-ply maple shell with 3 air vents, Mastercast die cast hoops, precision stainless steel tension rods, and a lacquer silver sparkle finish.

    Pearl Eric Singer Signature Snare Drum Features:

    * 10-ply maple shell with 3 air vents
    * Mastercast die-cast hoops
    * Precision stainless steel tension rods
    * Lacquer silver sparkle finish
    * 6.5" x 14"

    Its an awesome snare for rock drummers.

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    hi all,

    i just realised that we don't have a thread for snare drums (!) (yes / no?)

    those who had been posting up pics over the years, start consolidating ala frummer? :mrgreen:


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    come on everyone. show us your snare collection. (:

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    If my TP65 elec pad counts I don't mind posting =x

    btw, nice looking snare

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    im trying to find a picture of my snare drum.. but until then

    i have a PEARL CHAD SMITH SIGNATURE SNARE DRUM. 5.5x14 stainless steel shell. with classic throw-off and i actually bought a die cast hoop to replace the original one on the batter side.. it sounds amazing!! really screamy n high pitched!! perfect for my playing at least..

    and! ill try to find a pic for it asap!

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    Since I just took some photos for the buy/sell section...

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    Alsoooooooo why can we only post only four images in every post? =(

    Edit: For some reason I don't really like the lighting when I took this set of photos. Maybe when I reskin my warlord I'll take new photos of it!

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    composer: niceeeeee.... i lusting after warlords v long.. but till date stil nvr buy (long story)

    btw is your the 14x6 or 13x6 limited edition? :mrgreen:

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    Hahaha why never buy ah! This is a good place for long stories =P

    Mine is the 14" version. I want to get one of the 13", that time drumman was selling a 13" I wonder if it's still around...

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    *Drools at the Eric Singer Sig and Warlord snares*

    For some reason, I really really like the Warlord's logo
    Alternate Profession: Events/Gigs/Weddings

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