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Thread: Metallica for Singapore?

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    Metallica for Singapore?

    Hey guys.

    Did Metallica ever come to Singapore?If yes,when did they come?If no,when the hell are they going to perform in Singapore?

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    yes,1993 i was -2 years old.

    Gorverment ban them cos of riot,actually ITS NOT
    Its just a pit and the fans jump around and headbang,which made the gorverment think its riot maybe?Think so not so sure

    Also james hetfield spitting and vulgar..............erm its normal way of rock'n roll what.

    Also bringing in drugs,well without drugs i dont think met fans would be happy to see metallica tired then active?

    So gorverment ban them
    I got the details according to my seniors back in the 80s.Still fan of metallica =)
    And some youtube research,mtv news and asia
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    If metallica comes!This is my list i gona wish for if in met club!!


    Yeah think the max songs would be this.Hope so haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synester View Post
    If no,when the hell are they going to perform in Singapore?
    you are asking a question that only metallica can answer.
    Wanna save the world? You gotta save the BASSISTS first!

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    Haha... I agreed with emptyspaces. No point asking softies here when we all aint got a say in whether Metallica will include Singapore in their tour list.

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    Yup, they were here before once at the indoor stadium. Some seats got ripped from the ground and it was pandemonium. The pit had some troubles but hey... what do you expect from a metallica concert? hehehhe

    I do wish they do pop by once again. They have re-born with death magnetic

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    very optimistic to even think about the setlist =)
    but i really do hope they make it here again

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    in the first fook place, why are there seats in a metal concert? served the organizers right when we stood on the seat handles and started the pandemonium. i was at the front row and it was only $150 for the most expensive "seats" in the house back then.

    if you have the live shit: binge and purge box set, you can read the 'rules and regulations' from the organizers in singapore printed in the included booklet such as,

    no smoking on stage,
    no swearing,
    no consuming of alcohol,
    no nudity.

    jaymz was guilty of the last three since metallica doesn't smoke back then. jaymz and lars was playing topless, swigged beers in plastic cups during break while lars sprayed beer all over the front row. last but not least, jaymz uttered the word " f u c k".

    that said, would you play here again if you were metallica?

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    if they're open-minded enough like how all metal bands should be ^^ they should come back since times have changed (Count the number of time Slipknot said F**K during the concert...hell...even religious-sensitive Slayer came)...and more importantly...for the fans =)

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    God rlly hates me. Why was i born on 1993!?! I wish i was born in the late 70s/ early 80s, metal was at its very best back then.
    but beyonce is smokin hot.

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