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Thread: ULTRASOUND@PLAYDEN 27 Dec 12noon to 10.30pm 21NONSTOPBANDS

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    ULTRASOUND@PLAYDEN 27 Dec 12noon to 10.30pm 21NONSTOPBANDS

    Hi there,

    We will be holding Ultrasound at the PLAYDEN located in The arts house on the 27th of December 2008 from 12pm to 10.30pm.

    Address of venue:
    The Arts house
    Old Parliament Lane
    Singapore 179429

    Located near city hall mrt. Near Singapore Cricket Club.

    Click on link to see venue.

    1)Dying with mary jane
    2)how to kill a muffin man
    3)Gutter Bonez
    4)Did i ask your opinion
    6)Fear Alma
    7)Fallen Hero
    10)Picture Perfect Sunset
    12)The Burning Shield
    13)Au Revoir
    14)Ally's Vintage
    15)Rue Morgue
    16)Sunset Blvd
    17)April Calls
    18)Let the terror eradicate
    20)Abandoned The Armory
    21)Another Chaotic Syndrome

    If u want to support any of these bands contact:
    Nick 97971684(SMS ONLY) for tickets at $12

    If u have a band and would like to be a part of this event here are some info for you. Please contact me fast as Last month was full very early. Thanks! Please read all the following information as all the information are here.

    DEADLINE : 1st December 2008

    Time Slot is drawn by lots
    Minimum have to sell 20 tixs. (This is to ensure that u won’t be playing to an empty club in the event that other guest leave after supporting the band they came for)
    Ultrasound members will also sell 20 tickets but receive 5 guestlist for family and friends.

    There will be no longer commission.
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    my man. Would love the opp. of performing at such a venue. more details pls.? or PM me. THANKS!!!

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    List of equipment:

    Guitar Amplifier X2
    Head : Marshall AVT150H
    Cabinet : Marshall AVT412A

    Bass Guitar Amplifier
    Head : Marshall MB450H
    Cabinet : Marshall MBC410

    Drum Set (Yamaha Stage Custom or Pearl Export)
    12" Small Tom
    13" Medium Tom
    16" Floor Tom
    14" Snare Drum
    22" Kick Drum
    Double Pedal for Kick Drum
    Drum Stool

    Cymbals with Stands
    14 Hi-hat
    16 Crash
    18 Crash
    20 Ride
    China cymbal

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    Hey there bro. See that you've updated the post. Any updates and when to collect the tix for selling msg me orait bro.


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    hey!!! my band name is not did i ask for you opinion?....its Did I Ask Your Opinion?...
    hope you change it...thx

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    hey there!!!
    i'm here helping my frends band and he would like to be part of the ultrasound@playden and would want to perform after or before the band called did i ask your opinion?
    band name: fallen hero
    contact for tix collection:94503207(fathul)
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    Dying with mary jane !!
    Its beeen a looonng while since i seen them at gas haus way bak last year.
    Wanna see them live. But not a fan of ultrasound gigs..

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    Hey there Conformist...Wanna buy the tix, pls contact us ok. Hehe!

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    Please note that we will be meeting the band on wednesday 12/11/08 7pm at bugis junction to give out the tickets. All bands who haven't collect their please attend. Bands who have not confirm their band names please send it to me asap.

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    Hey there bro. Is there any updates on the bands performing? I doubt there's only 7 bands are performing this gig. Updates! Updates! Heheh! :-D

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