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Thread: Roland V-Drums

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    Re: Roland V-Drums

    @ Paradiddle .. Hi my name is Alex, If I may add my 10 cent worth .. I totally agree with struggling_newbie and actorial .. I have a 2nd hand DTXpress special edition IV.. In fact i picked it up from a guy here on SOFT. He had maintained the kit very well . I went on to save up and buy the 100 watt amp as well. If you're looking to practice .. well i think between yamaha and Roland .. I would pick Yamaha because you get more for your moneys worth. I played on a Roland and some how I didn't quite like the feel , could be just me coz I was so used to the Yamaha by then..but never the less... The DTXpress is a great kit.. don't bust the bank and pick up 1st hand if cash is an issue ( it always is ..) .. look around .. I'm sure you'll find a good deal.. I was lucky .. Thanks Jasper.. you're a star..

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