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Thread: Keyboardist gather !

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    Keyboardist gather !

    Things been getting quiet around here. Where are all keyboardist ? Lets all gather and share about yourselve and your keyboard experience.

    I just stared keyboard a few months ago . HAd learned a short simple classical peice and halfway through a pop song. WIsh to meet more keyboardist out here !

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    Kreet Kreet Kreet*

    haha. Well, my band is looking for an experienced keyboardist.
    Pm me if your interested.


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    I play keys. Haha, although I've got no keyboard. Training to be a rhythm guitarist for my fren though

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    Haha me not an experienced keyboardist.

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    neither am i experienced as a keyboardist. i'm more experienced as a pianist


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    Do we need to find a place with 10 pianos and 20 keyboards ? hehe...
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    that sounds like any YAMAHA shop! wahahax ;3

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    LOL, a KEYBOARDIST and IM PROUD OUT IT!! haha..Got experienced as a pianist and a keyboardist =D What I wanna be next? Hmmm...A KEYTARIST! (though its gonna take sometime for me to get the intrument tho,BUT heck it!I can gear myself up by playing "keytarist" style,whatever that is* Cheers x3

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    and its an OLD THREAD! EVEN BETTER =D haha! i know im weird xD

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    hey how long have u learnt piano?
    btw,if u go online u can ad me @

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