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Thread: Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash; 17"

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    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash; 17"

    Smooth. Warm. Rich. Dark. Full.

    You can't go wrong with these K Custom Dark crashes. Oh hell no.

    It cuts, it sings. All these qualities, and with that trash - Perfect.

    Would fit comfortably in all genres of music, IMHO. Could use it as a side crash or a smaller ride in a trio; A main crash in a louder funk/rock gig. Pair with an A Custom crash, and you get a pretty nice pair of hats.


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    Haha if you plan on keeping the 'aged' and dark tones of the cymbal, I agree. Do not clean the cymbals!

    I'm not a really a fan of the K Custom Darks compared to the K Darks for me. There's this trashiness to the K Custom Darks. But I feel the attack is smoother than the Ks. That's my take on it.

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    i own one of these, its my main and favourite crash to hit when playing metal. you have to give it quite a hard hit to get the full bodied and rich tone out though, which can get really loud especially when i play in my room.

    thats why i wear ear plugs
    I do not dare proclaim myself a musician, but i do, to the best of my ability, try to play music.

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    I managed to pick up a 18" of this series lately. It's exactly as described. Dark, richy and trashy crash sound to it.

    It's taken over as my main cymbal too. If you're wondering about for a big, dark crash wash, you definitely can't go wrong with this. 17" or 18" highly recommended!

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