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Thread: OFFICIAL- Show us your kits thread!

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    OFFICIAL- Show us your kits thread!

    Okie since soft drum section is littered with pics of user's kits, why not compile them all together?

    I'll start the ball rolling:

    My humble kit ops:

    Front pic 1

    Front pic 2

    Overhead shot...

    My Ride the night i set the drums up...

    Got the drums from JiveB on 1st Jan 2006. Thankz dood.

    Please participate.Cheers!

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    yea your humble kit with MY HUMBLE RODS!! RETURN AHH!! hahaha jkjk.
    excuse me excuse me!!!! SIAM LA!! drummer coming through!!

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    my even more humble kit. it's only got the basic tama stagestar with istanbul mehmets. almost the same as Frummer's, except he added cowbells and changed drum heads. and I need a new hihat stand. meh.

    -dancin to my own drumbeat-

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummar-buah
    yea your humble kit with MY HUMBLE RODS!! RETURN AHH!! hahaha jkjk.
    Artstar artstar! :lol:

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    at least u guys got a kit .... i only have cymbals only....hahaha

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    Cymbals (left to right):
    15" cracked Wuhan chinese
    14" Paiste 402 hi-hats (loaned)
    18" Paiste 502 crash
    8" cracked Zildjian Edge splash
    10" Zildjian A splash
    16" Paiste 502 crash
    18" Paiste 402 crash/ride
    22" Zildjian (unknown series) ride (loaned)
    12" Sabian AAX mini-chinese
    17" Sabian AAXtreme chinese

    Pearl Power Shifter double pedals (beaten up)
    1 Pearl straight stand
    1 Tama boom stand
    2 Yamaha boom stands
    1 Tama Stilt straight stand
    3 mini boom stands
    4 cymbal attachments
    Tama snare stand
    1 twin tom/cymbal holder attachment
    1 brandless drum throne
    A dozen pairs of recycled Regal Tip, Vic Firth sticks

    5 1/2" x 14" Tama Starclassic snare (mine)
    10" Pearl Export tom (mine)
    12" tom
    16" floor tom

    The 12" tom and 16" floor tom would belong to the studio or the default kit at gigs. I'd just take out the 13" tom and add my 10" tom to the kit and rearrange everything to a 10", 12" and 16" set-up.
    If you are not Metal then you are not my friend!

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    Anyway, the specs:
    Tama Rockstar
    Rack toms: 10", 12", 13" (Remo Ebony pinstripe)
    Floor tom: 16" (Remo Ebony pinstripe)
    Bass: 22" (Remo Ebony pinstripe)
    Snare: 14" (Remo Clear pinstripe)
    Tama Iron cobra double bass pedal

    Cymbals (from left to right)
    Sabian 14" HHX Groove hats
    Paiste 16" 302 Crash
    Sabian 16" Pro Sonix Crash
    Sabian 12" B8 Splash
    Sabian 10" AAX Splash
    Sabian 16" HHX Evolution Crash
    Paiste 20" Reflector Full Ride
    Sabian 18" HHX Chinese
    Paiste 14" 302 hats

    My kit has been slowly built up for about 6-7 years (still have a lot of my old cheapo stuff on it).

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    its a pearl export bought like 7 yrs ago.its great.they dont make this model anymore.the new exports are so diff.

    thanks james for resizing the pic!

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    haha, sunsetstone, dont your cymbals too la!

    wow...all great kits...keep 'em coming!

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