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Thread: OFFICIAL- Show us your kits thread!

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    are you selling yur pdp snare?

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    i dont see any pdp snares on the last few picture posts??

    or my eyes playing tricks on me... hmmmmmmm

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    nice kit composer lol, very creative
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    composer, you've got some kickass diy skillz bro. can i haz kickass skilz?
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    me wants kickass skillz too...
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    Hahahaha so last week I set this up in my room, then I disassembled it and packed it ready to bring to tekong.

    Then I tried to lift my bag and URGHHHHHOWWW

    So in the end, I just brought hihat stand, hihats, and pedal. I clamped the pedal to a pail, and converted another pail into a snare xD

    I came up with a plan to reduce the amount of things I need to bring in (the bulk of the weight came from the snare stand and clamps), tomorrow I'll be looking around for something to adapt. If successful, I'll post photos!

    For those who're wondering, the "wrap" came from spotlight and costed me $7. Since this is just for practice, I just made very rough measurements and didn't even use tape, everything's held down by the lugs. Took me half an hour, and it's still holding up fine.

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    It's a very rough job rushed to finish before booking back into tekong (I'm leaving the house in a short while) but I'm quite satisfied with it for now. You can see the wood isn't properly aligned, I just cut it very roughly and glued and nailed it. But it works.

    In any case, actually, a 13" bass sounds surprisingly good!

    Btw, the Iron Cobra isn't going to camp. My other (cheap) pedal is already in my locker, with my hihats, so I needed something at home to check the alignment and board thickness while filing it down to fit the pedal clamp size.

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    Innovative DIY job there Composer!
    You're lucky that your Coy allows you to bring all those stuff, so you can practice even during BMT. When I was in BMT, they didn't allow us to bring any miscellaneous stuff. Heck, we were even limited to bring only ONE cup noodles each week!
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    you can bring a drumset to camp?!

    that's something new. and i thought at most you could bring are acoustic guitars...
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    it's grown alot since i first got it

    haha other than the crash and hihats, the rest of my cymbals are very very ulu.

    10" scimitar splash
    22" trojan ride
    18" stagg flat ride
    16" inverted trojan crash being used as china since it sounds like one (with a chain - diy sizzle!)
    17" turkish classic crash
    13" a custom zildjian hats

    i'm not sure what model the yamaha double pedals are as i got them second hand D: haha. anyone any idea how to find out?

    10" aux snare on the left is the same as composer of requiem's one, but i changed the skins to evans g1. nic pls help me make it the same colour as the rest of my kit? XD

    14"x5" snare is evans g1
    12"x7" rack tom is evans resonant
    14"x14" floor tom is evans with the built in tone control ring. the name escapes me.
    18"x14" bass drum with the decent sounding stock head haha.
    kit is catalina club jazz - mahogany. it's a great set for it's price!

    i'm gonna play some proper fusion drums soon
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