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Thread: OFFICIAL- Show us your kits thread!

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    Nope, that is a 18" HHXtreme crash. If that was a HHX Raw Bell Dry Ride, that would also mean that my other cymbals are super huge!

    The cymbals are; From left to right:

    15" Avedis Sweet Hi-hats
    24" K Light Ride with DIY sizzler
    18" HHXtreme Crash
    22" Legacy Heavy Ride

    Snare's a surprisingly nice Pearl Steel Firecracker that I got for an absolute steal.

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    first time i c retardedrummer's post i remember the personal pic was a birthday cake something one and a girl face, ah that tells me retardedrummer most probably is a girl.

    Now cant tell

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    this is a set i put together from spare parts. it's got toms from lazer carlos and yamaha.. haha. with a peace snare, a complete set of remo pinstripe skins, and good cymbals, it's now my main set. oh yeah, the drums were originally of all colours of the rainbow. i rewrapped them with black wood wallpaper from homefix.

    13" a custom hihats
    18" zxt crash
    14" zildjian effects china
    10" scimitar splash
    6.5" wuhan bell
    20" istanbul samatya ride
    16" wuhan china with 14" pst 3 hihat top stack

    14" snare drum (peace)
    8" 10" rototoms (remo)
    12" 13" 14" rack toms
    16" floor tom (yamaha)
    22" bass drum

    meinl cowbell
    lazer woodblock
    the hat trick (hihat tambourine)

    pacific hihat pedal
    sleishman double pedals
    duallist single pedal

    all in all i didnt spend that much on it, and i plan to keep expanding, wish me luck!
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    As usuall.... Kepp up the great work in the finishing of the drumset

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    haha what do you mean by as usual? this is my first time i think? heh.

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    Great seeing so many drum kits here! Here's my Yamaha DTXtreme III Special! Enjoy!

    Drums: YAMAHA DTXtreme III Special series

    YAMAHA Hexrack (HXR4LD)
    YAMAHA Bass drum pedal (FP9415)
    YAMAHA Drum throne (DS750)

    Drumsticks: 3Drumsticks 5A

    Misc: PureSound Bass drum plastic beater


    More details at

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    haha no... as in.. as usual, great stuff from you!

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    haha ok thanks!
    anyway new pics soon, ive added more stuff. windchimes!

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    haha i think no one really cares except retardedrummer but to make myself happy here's it anyways:

    and the pedals...

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    Just got this for my own BD present from Nigel (Drumsresources), Yamaha Stage Customs (Made in Japan). I believe Stage Customs are no longer made in Japan, so this is a steal.

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