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Thread: HowTo Muff Your Acoustic Kit(Low Cost/Retaining Feel/Touch/Sound-Avoid Complains

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDY View Post
    Is the sound loud enough for you to jam?
    Hahahahaha of course it wont be loud enough for me to Jam, if it does I will be getting into trouble again bro...but I tell you - I still got the's damn shiok when I drum it - no diff at all.

    After I’ve done this, I actually invited my Neighbour a husband & Wife (the one staying closest to my Unit) and they sat down right in front of my drums – while I started drumming and I tried the Double Pedal in front of them. They claim it’s ok – not loud.

    Then the wife said to me (Why don’t you tried to wack the drum at it’s loudest – and me and my hubby will go back to our home – and tell you how is it….So they went back over and I drum at the loudest I could do, with Double Pedal.

    They came back saying “ I can hear it but it’s not loud that is at my door and my home window is opened, but when I go inside the hall I can’t hear a thing, but the TV is on softly also, and I ask my son to play the Piano and I couldn’t hear you drumming.

    Wow.wwwww I thank them for the feedback – That was great news.

    Now when my main door is close – even I drum at my hardest hit - - - you can hear iit outside just beside my door – but if you talk, I guess the talking will be louder than my drums or just about it… it’s ok now.
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    good for you la,

    seems like ur nightmare is ending
    (so is ur hidden neighbour's)

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    Awesome man.. what a dream come true for you.
    this is the first time i came across the solution to a loud acoustic set on a hdb block..nice one.

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    i wonder if we can put this article to The New Paper or something.

    Anyone knows a TNP reporter/journalist? :mrgreen:

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    Kudos to you man! Confirm GEREK!

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    Thank you very much for taking the effort to do this.

    Thumbs up. =)

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    User Info Menu man.anyway,rudi,how you transport your drumset back to your house when you buy?cab?

    STICKY THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great job Eric on the muffling technique, unique, practical and cheap.

    If possible could you please post a video clip or an audio sample of how it sounds after packing the kit. I feel there still would be some amount of sound coming out of it. I get complains even from the slightest sound coming out at times. I'm still using those rubber pads on the kit and some more muffing over that.

    Your technique is good for practice but its going to be quite a hassle if one needs to use it for a jam session or to record or take it for a gig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RudimentalDrummer View Post
    Yes I had ever Tried a set of Pearl Mesh Head on an entire Kit.....The Rebound is just - too I sold them all.
    Haha I see... if my neighbours complain I'll definitely use this method then. I might even consider doing it now, then I can practice until night.

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    No, This Practice Kit cannot be use for Jamming for sure once you Muffle it - cause it cut down 80 to 90% of the sound of your Drum.

    If I need to bring a kit out - - Then I wont really wanna (take out everything - all the stuffing inside this Practice Kit) - but instead use my other Kits & Cymbals which are not Muffled.

    PS: - Oh and yes - one more thing to share - If we Muff our Cymbals, Hats & Ride etc - There will be a Marking later opn on the Cymbals (a darker patch where we place the muff - so please don't use your expensive Cymbals to do that - - but it can be polish back up to shinny of course.
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