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Thread: Taste Of Chaos Tour Singapore: As I Lay Dying and Story Of The Year

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    Taste Of Chaos Tour Singapore: As I Lay Dying and Story Of The Year

    The only planetwide music festival invades Singapore with As I Lay Dying and Story Of The Year!

    The Rockstar Taste of Chaos goes overseas again after over 260 Worldwide dates in the past 4 years and playing in over 23 countries which have included the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and many others. Now, the only worldwide lifestyle festival tour, the Rockstar Taste of Chaos is back with another onslaught and comes to Singapore on November 8th at Fort Canning Park!

    8 Nov 2008 Sat, 7:00PM

    Fort Canning Park

    TICKET PRICE (Exclude $3 Booking Fee)
    Students: $85
    Group purchase of 10 or more: $80 each

    Motley Crue ticket holders receive $20 off Taste Of Chaos tickets until Nov 7!

    Click here to buy tickets from Sistic!
    Rockstar Taste Of Chaos Facebook Event Page
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    hi , are you joking ?

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    Hi sir, no i am not. watch this space for more details.

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    hahah !
    first motley crue, second A7x
    now ASLD,Atreyu,SOTY AND MUCC ?!

    wow im starting to love singapore

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    gosh, i have a chance to actually watch dan jacobs play live.

    im going livid.

    getting to watch motley. and now frickin atreyu, as well as as i lay dying.

    who would imagine big names after big names.

    BRING ON OZZFEST!!!!!!!!!!

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    i refuse to let this be a deathcab repeat. i'm gonna buy the tickets AS SOON as they're released !

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    oh my god.... I am so going to this event......... when the tickets will be out.... OH god..... AS I LAY DYING...

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    me too! Anyone going to A7X gig also?

    any updates on ticket releases,etc are much appreciated!

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    Keep checking for updates or sign up for our newsletter to be in the loop of the most rockin shows in Singapore.

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    if this is on i'm skipping a7x

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