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Thread: Official Band Available for Gigs thread

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    Band Name:

    Pop/Disco/Acid Jazz/Funk

    MadHatter is a 5-piece disco funk band. Formed in mid october 2007, the band originally formed for the purpose of competing in the Yamaha Asian Beat 2007 amateur band competition. The next time you hear music that makes you want to dance, maybe you're listening to MadHatter.

    We're all 19 year-old music players who come from quite different backgrounds. We basically sound like a fusion of all our influences put together and we hope you'll catch us soon and possibly like our stuff.

    Competition Achievements:

    Powerjam 2008 4th Place! (MadHatter)

    Asian Beat 2007 2nd Runner-up! (MadHatter)
    Asian Beat 2007 Best Vocalist (Reyza)

    Riza (vox)
    Azlan (e.bass)
    James L. (e.guitar)
    Mandric (keyboard)
    Rajiv (drums)


    Email: (mandric - band leader)

    91160836 (just drop an sms)

    Any additional information:

    We've got our competition videos up on our myspace as well as 2 properly recorded demos. do check them out. We're trying to move away from just being a competition band and we hope our music will be quite a breath of fresh air in the local scene.

    Yamaha Asian Beat 2007: 2nd Runner-up (Encouragement Award)
    Yamaha Asian Beat 2007: Best Vocalist

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    band name: Astronauts by Day

    indie, alternative, electro

    it all started with a humble plan for world domination. we're just a simple mix of cinnamon spice and everything nice. formed in mid 2008, we're still finding our own sound but we're pretty sure its close!

    just a typical group of 17 yr olds, showing the world our feelings emotions and passion for music, and having fun while at it. influenced by anything anyone and everyone from marshmallows, explosions in the sky, albert hammond jr, god is an astronaut, giraffes, tokyo police club to daft punk, coldplay, minus the bear, the killers, bloc party, andrew bird.

    tanaan - guitar, vocals
    kenneth - vocals
    aj - guitar
    yao - bass
    max - drums

    check us out,

    contact: yao, 94899027 or
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    hi ! I'm actually doing a solo music project here but normally when we perform, it will be a duo with my lead guitarist and me on guitar and vocals . The others like bassist and drummers would be freelance through our friends if we need a full band. Therefore gigs exposure would mean alot to us to grow as good performers. Right now my solo material is already done and meanwhile i'm fine tuning my mastered versions of my songs which would end up on our E.P.

    Band Name : C.T ( my solo project ) or rather THE BLUE FILM ( when we are a duo performing )

    Genre : Acoustic/ Blues / Pop Rock

    Description : We are a fresh band and we have had jamming and performing experiences with various other bands so it was a matter of moving from here to there ! so do contact us if there 're opportunities for us to perform.


    Vox/guitar- Chian Tat
    Lead Guitar- Leon

    Website :
    Contact me :

    Contact No : 98365131

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    Band Name: The Highlights

    Genres: Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Instrumentals, and Jazz.

    Description: Our music is very suitable for lively get up parties and clubs, or for audiophiles really wanting some easy listening music. Versatile for most to all kinds of shows and events.

    Contacts: Fraser: 83227692 -

    Fees: I would prefer those organisers who want to ask bands to sell tickets please kindly refrain from contacting me. We charge 2 pre-negotiated fees. One with equipment and setup provided and one without. Contact for details.

    Maria: Lead Vocalist
    Ethan: Bassist
    Yao: Keyboardist
    Ivan: Saxophonist
    Fraser: Guitarist

    MySpace website:

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    TH Band

    Band Name: THreshold

    Genre: Alt Rock, Indie, Pop

    Description: We are the Temasek Hall Band (TH is one of the hostels in NUS). We haven been doing covers mainly, but we record originals annually too.

    Members/Instrument: We have 20 members that play guitar, lead, bass, drums and other percussion, synth and piano, and also a super violinist. But of course not everyone goes on stage at a time



    Any additional information: contact Ash at 98639130

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    Band Name:Topsy Kretts


    Description:formed on the early 2005 by the vocalist/guitarist and lead guitarist. A band consist of 4 different individuals coming together as one to wish to make it big in the local scene.

    Members/Instrument:Ray - Vocalist/guitarist.
    Shai - Lead guitarist.
    Zero - Drums
    Aqim - Bass.

    Contacts: Ray-91194174 and Zero-92778662

    Any additional information: we are just bunch of rockers having fun and love making people headbang to our covers and originals.

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    Sanity Obscure (SG)

    Band Name: Sanity Obscure (SG)

    Genre: Thrash Metal

    Description: A young 4-piece band formed in 2008. Debut EP "Dethrone The King" is out now. Musical style would be Technical Thrash Metal with progressive tendencies and aggression!

    Kount Cider (vocals)
    KING J05H0!? Grind (guitars)
    Caspar (bass)
    ZY (drums)



    Any additional information: Contact us via the e-mail address provided if you're interested to bring us in for gigs or purchasing our EP. You could also PM me here.

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    Band Name: Feedback!

    Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Acoustic

    Feedback! was conceived in late 2007 where five young musicians infused to make their own fresh, unique and passionate music; a variety of influences, from Blues to Classic Rock, from 60s to the 80s - all characterized in Rock.

    Being a young band, it takes passion and resilience for them to establish themselves in the expanding local music scene.

    Vishaal(Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Wai Huin(Lead Guitar), have made previous appearances in reality TV-series, Junior Jams (Mediacorp, Right Angle Media) and have done a acoustic collaboration with Jack Ho from EIC at the Esplanade.

    - Kevin, 14, Lead Vocals
    - "Joe" WWH, 13, Guitars, Vocals
    - Vishaal Raj Giri, 14, Guitars, Vocals
    - Kenneth, 13, Bass, Vocals
    - "Floyd" KDY, 14, Drums, Vocals


    Email: (Kenneth) (WWH)

    Any additional information: We in for the music.
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    Band Name: Stereo Attack

    Genre: Ambient/Post-Rock / Melodramatic Popular Song (Instrumental Band)

    Formed by a group of friends in the midst of 2006, Stereo Attack was formerly known as 'The Blitez' which consists of Sharin (2nd guitars), Has (guitars), Raj (keys), Izzat (bass) & Danial (drums). These guys went on smoothly as a band till Danial call it quits, forcing the rest of them searching for a replacement.

    Recruiting Izan as their sessionist drummer, they later found Iskandar and later recruited him as their permanent drummer.

    With the new line-up, Stereo Attack now embark to a musical journey and are scheduled to record possibly late this year. Stay tuned!

    -Sharin: Guitars
    -Has: Lead Guitars
    -Izzat: Bass
    -Raj: Keyboards
    -Iskandar: Drums


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    Band Name: Heidon

    Genre: Thrash Metal

    Description: Heidon. Was created late 2007 by Guitarist/Vox Dom but was only fully realized with the completion of it's line up when Sean(bass guitars, background vox) and Alvin(Drums/Percussion) joined the band. Heidon draws influenced from all forms of metal particularly Thrash, Death and Progressive Metal.

    Dominic: Lead Vocals, Guitars
    Sean: Background Vocals, Bass Guitars
    Alvin: Drums/Percussion



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