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Thread: Official Band Available for Gigs thread

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    Official Band Available for Gigs thread

    Please add your band details to this thread if you are available for gig.

    Band Name:






    Any additional information:

    "Insert photo here"

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    Our band is available for gigs whether its a semi-acoustic set or a full band gig.
    Here's our details.

    Band name: Rose From Anonymity

    Genre: Progressive/Alternacore

    Description: We're a female fronted rock band that is almost two year old in the music scene. Don't let time be a taste of how we play or see music, experience it personally would promisingly be an eye-opener . We support the local scene strongly!

    Members/Instrument: Rohaishah - Vox
    Syafiq - Guitar
    Leon - Guitar
    Asyraf - Bass
    Oli - Drum


    Contact: 90129576 Leon

    Hope we can work together and bring local scene alive forever!!

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    Official Band Available for Gigs thread

    Band name: Rising Heart

    Genre: Classic Rock/Rock/Progressive Rock

    Description: Founded by Ex Opposite Youth Bassist, Our band genre mostly into Rock/Progressive Rock. The band have been together for 5 months, still learning and improving from time to time. Have been into gigs and some comps. With experience and motivation of the band, we are able to commit ourself in music.

    Vocals: Shah
    Guitars: Aiz
    Sitars: Hisham
    Bass: Aan
    Drums: Farid
    Keyboards: Lizan


    Contact: 91194541 Shah

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    Band Name:A Scar Filled City

    Genre:Rock / Post Hardcore /Screamo

    Currently a three-piece band formed in the late July of 2008.
    We are looking forward on making friends with the local acts & performing together.
    We also do acoustic shows

    Vocals/Bass - Alfa
    Drums - Airul


    We are friendly bunch of people,

    Band Name: I AM 4LF4!
    Members:ALFA - Everything!

    If you're looking for a party !


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    Band Name: Roadkill

    Genre: Metal

    Description: Formed in mid 2006. We've been covering songs since we started up till now but we are currently working on our originals. Currently, we've only played 2 gigs as a band.

    Ahmad Beef - Guitars/ Vocals
    Zamir Small - Guitars/ Vocals
    Matin - Bass
    Afan - Drums


    Contact: 81978091 - Zamir

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    Hi all,

    My band's looking for gigs, we're trying to have at least 1 or 2 gigs each month. So yeah, without further ado, these are the particulars,

    Band name: Backbeat

    Genre: rock n roll/ hard rock/progressive/alternative

    Description: Combination of old school sound and modern sound. Catchy yet still technical songs. Check us out at or for more info. Also, add us at

    influences: bon jovi, nirvana, motley crue, avenged sevenfold, radiohead, iron maiden, nickelback, pantera, foo fighters, van halen. Our influences are all over the place to be honest...

    TreblE - Vocal
    Echidna de Void - Bass
    Jack Roff - Guitar
    Nicky Volition - Guitar
    Steve Mile - Drum

    Okay, somehow the image doesn't appear so in the meantime, check out the link above, we've got a lot of them.

    Thank you.
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    Little Green Frog

    Band Name: LGF

    Genre: Chinese pop-rock

    LGF writes and performs chinese pop-rock originals, throwing in some pop/rock covers with their own flavor. A band that enjoys delivering high energy performances on stage, LGF looks to make new friends and renew old ties through their music.

    Vocals - Regine
    Guitar - Elias Chun
    Bass Guitar - Richard
    Keyboards/efx - Seto
    Drums - Melvyn


    Melvyn - 96499832

    Any additional information:
    LGF is currently preparing for an upcoming compilation album and EP.
    LGF is an ally of the Enigmatic Army.

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    Hi all!!

    Looking forward to deliver good music and to earn more experience from other better bands out there.

    Band Name: Voices From The Attic(V.F.T.A for short)

    Description: We are band made up by 4 kids that love music and rocking out. This band was made back in 2004. We are a band influenced by Blink 182, Plus 44, Paramore, AVA and many more. We love to explore the music industry by composing songs, gig and etc.

    Band Members/Instruments:
    Rahim:Guitar/Back-Up Vocal
    Rizal:Guitar/Back-Up Vocal
    Shahiran: Drums
    Adib: Bassist


    Rizal: 81577985(Line) 83749124(Prepaid)
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    Moonlit Paradise

    Band Name: Moonlit Paradise

    Genre: Classic Rock


    "Bringing back the Rock & Roll
    -Moonlit Paradise

    Moonlit Paradise were inspired by legendary Classic rock bands back from the 60's to the 80's.
    This band would like to thrill you with the true meaning of Rock & Roll and share; the time-honored experiences that has not been known to some.

    Moonlit Paradise enjoys performing genres ranging from Classic Rock to Blues, including Slow and Southern Rock. Comprised of 5 musically talented individuals with a passion for their music; the band was formed by vocalist Rohit; guitarist Hydher and Vishaal; bassist Jon & drummer Raj.

    This band have been covering songs by great bands such as Guns 'n' Roses and Led Zeppelin. Do stay tuned for our originals...real soon!"


    Rohit: Vocals
    Vishaal: Guitar / Backing Vocals
    Hydher: Guitar / Backing Vocals
    Jon: Bass
    Raj: Drums



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    Mannequin Masquerade

    Hey we're a relatively new band, about 4 months old. we play both acoustic or as a full band though we're more comfortable with the latter. We're called mannequin masquerade read more about us and listen to our acoustic tracks on our myspace, or blog band blog:
    Basically in the essence we're 4 young fun-loving guys whom love to write and play our own brand of music. Listen to us and find out more about what we have to say

    Official Presskit:
    Mannequin Masquerade

    Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop Punk
    Formed: April 2008
    Based in: Singapore
    band blog:

    Contact: Ryan - 98003273
    or Gabriel - 98306506


    Ryan – Vocals/Guitars
    • Name: Ryan
    • Nicknames:
    o R.G
    o Rye
    • Age: 18
    • Role: Vocals/Guitar
    • Height: 5' 10"
    • Ethnicity: Mixed
    • Horoscope: Leo
    • Extra info:
    o Interesting fact: Ryan is also from Armchair Critic
    o Favourite Shoes: Levis, Converse
    o Favourite Bands: Boys like Girls, All Time Low, Arctic Monkeys

    Gabriel – Bass
    • Name: Gabriel Goh
    • Nicknames:
    o Gab
    o Gabbie
    • Age: 17
    • Role: Bass/Vocals
    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Ethnicity: Chinese
    • Horoscope: Taurus
    • Extra info:
    o Favourite Food: Pasta
    o Favourite Shoes: Macbeth, Nike
    o Favourite Bands: You Me At Six, Typecast, Faspitch

    Maq – Drums
    • Name: Maq Abdul
    • Nicknames:
    o Maq
    o Yum
    • Age:18
    • Role: Drums
    • Height: 5’11”
    • Ethnicity: Malay
    • Horoscope: Pices
    • Extra info:
    o Favourite Food: Seafood
    o Favourite Activity: Surfing the Net
    o Favourite Brand: Sabian

    Idris – Guitars
    • Name: Idris
    • Nicknames:
    o Parker
    • Age: 17
    • Role: Guitars
    • Height: 5’ 8”
    • Ethnicity: Malay
    • Horoscope: Sagittarius
    • Extra info:
    o Favourite Food: Nasi Lemak
    o Favourite Activity: Skating
    o Favourite Brand: Vans


    No. Equipment Qty Remarks
    1. Drum Kit 1 Crash (x2)
    Kick Drum ( with pedals )
    2. Guitar Amplifiers 2
    3. Bass Amplifier 1
    4. Microphones 2 Inclusive of 2 stands
    5. PA system 1 For vocals etc.

    And by the way

    Check out our new tracks, Fresh from the

    studio on september 9

    Diamonds are her best friends, about a

    materialistic girl in a materialistic world


    The Passing, its a track dedicated to anyone

    who has lost someone dear to them...

    Tracks are available for download =D

    Mannequin Masquerade.

    For updates on the band, our lives and music

    check out:
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