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Thread: double paddling

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    double paddling

    how do you double paddle as fast as all shall perish or all that remains?

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    i'm still learning to do play like all that remains.
    i've learnt that most of the time, it'll take technique, and of course, loads and loads of practice.

    so yea... happy drumming.
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    Another dude who loves his paddles

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    jus practice peddling everytime u sit or smth. move ur legs . synchronise em. then u start learning slow. then go faster . u'll pick up if u practice alot. im a guitarist btw. ahah. but i do double peddling. well , i jus keep stomping the floor. but not so loud lahh.
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    Juz like jaarvis said, start everythin slowly. Start with arnd 80 bpm (16th notes), rmb always try to keep de strokes even for a period of time b4 moving on with faster tempos, u can increase de tempos probably arnd 10 everytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nike View Post
    another dude who loves his paddles



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    the only answer is a hell lot of practise
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    It takes proper techniques(Youtubing?) and practice..

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    practice practice practice,....

    no short cut to it....

    anlso, techniques.. and also your pedals setting counts in too.....

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    Beg Alfe for a workshop on double pedal playing lah!! He has got some SERIOUS double pedal chops man....
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