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Thread: Maestro Acoustic Bass - EB1

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    Maestro Acoustic Bass - EB1

    List Price: $599; Maestro
    Body: Mahogany
    Neck: carbon fibre neck reinforcement
    Fingerboard: Rosewood
    No. of Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo
    Machine Heads: Grover machine heads
    Hardware: Chrome


    The EB1 is made in Singapore. Solid stika spruce top, laminated Mahogany sides and back. Rosewood fingerboard. Bolt on neck joint. Tone plate installed to enhance the acoustic tone. It's pretty light weight as well. That's about it.

    Maestro is famous for making acoustic and classical guitar but their acoustic bass does not fall short of my expectations. The sound that I get when I play the EB-1 is a really warm and soothing bassy sound. And the sustain is pretty long for a acoustic bass as well. By finger picking, I can get great clarity.

    Action, Fit & Finish
    Hell, it's a Maestro. The action is OBVIOUSLY low and playable. duh uh. Don't take an idiot to realise that. Smooth fretboard, low and clean action very playable. The finish on this guitar is natural and beautiful. No flaws at all.

    Reliability & Durability
    This EB-1 is not a tank, it will still require you to take some minor care of it. But because it is gloss finished, you don't have to worry if you spill beverages on it or whatsoever. Just pick it up, play it and enjoy it. It is durable just don't smash it or burn it. Would use it for acoustic gigs.

    Overall, this is a good acoustic bass to add into any bassist arsenal of basses.
    The price might not be very cheap but the workmanship, tone, finish etc will be able to make it value for every single cent you paid for it.

    Playability: 100% (dude, it's a Maestro!)
    Tone: 90%
    Overall: 90%

    What i liked about the bass
    made in singapore

    What i didn't fancy much
    expensive acoustic bass strings
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    But because it's laminated
    I thought its a solid top as mentioned?

    IMHO if the strings are expensive it may be more worth it to get an even more expensive set of Elixirs cos it'll last much longer vs multiple changes. Regular acoustic strings gets dull pretty fast.
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    i meant it as in the finish is gloss/laminate kinda thing.
    sorry for the confusion.
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    My guitar ensemble considered getting this baby instead of a niborii contra bass due to budget constraints... I've tried it and it sounds really good. But since I'm no longer in CJGE, well, I can give a damn bout getting it..

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