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Thread: For Better Endings EP Launch @ *scape, The Lab, 5th September!

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    For Better Endings EP Launch @ *scape, The Lab, 5th September!

    Hey guys!

    Regarding the sale of the presale tickets, if you haven't purchased your tickets yet,
    PLEASE HURRY as it is selling out fast and we only have 200 copies of our EP "Variations".
    If the presale tickets are sold out,
    those who buy at the door will not recieve free cd.

    If you guys really wanna get your hands on the cds, agan, PLEASE HURRY
    Those who have already called for your tickets, please confirm with us again the number of tickets you need.

    Much love,
    For Better Endings

    Call for tickets
    Damian (65) 81802959
    Auji (65) 90154489
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    i'll be there !

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    YAYYY, EP launch. so freaking hyped up about it luh. i need a band tee and a EP! =D do make yourself free on 5th september to watch this awesome band rip scape the lab apart!

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    bump for a lovely band in the studio
    Producer|Sound Engineer|Mixer

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    Happy Birthday Roland!

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    Its coming up, yea. everybody do come down and check out all the awesome bands. Fbe a must see!
    Music Is Universal , Keep it real!

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    Come for show guys! not only will it be great, ull take a piece of madness back home for your slumber. so dont miss out in this opportunity to catch a great band and the opening acts!

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    4 more days!!! Woohooo

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    st pats reunion eh

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    FBE launch is a must go.

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