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Thread: Nicknames in SOFT (That's you guys!)

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    Nicknames in SOFT (That's you guys!)

    Hi all,

    i'm new here, as in, i just started to participate in this forum.
    i'm not so new too, as in, i've been reading lotz of articles posted by you guys for quite a while. Sorry if this sounds like an intro. :wink:

    I'm just wondering if you guys wanna share the meaning behind your nickname.

    like, why "Echoist"? "Subversion"?, etc.

    you know, like what the rock journalist would ask Rob Thomas: "Why Matchbox20?"

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    Mine is cause it sounds cool

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    Let me start the ball rollin'

    neuro182 is divided into 2 parts -> neuro & 182.

    For the 182 part, I tink its pretty much self-explanatory.

    'neuro' is derived from the word neurosis, which means external events that caused the brain to go bersek, thus, resulting in mental breakdown.

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    its actually my name. well, sort of.
    its the lazy-pronunciation version of my name.
    real name is hanif, then become anep. 8O
    i blog, so what?

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    mine r simple...itachi is my fav character in Naruto anime...

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    Isa? thats my real name. hahah.

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    mine cos it's an anagram of a name of someone [/i]
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    drummar-buah? as in drummer boy.. act cool word only.. but not cool at all. sound like a retard's nick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rylche
    mine cos it's an anagram of a name of someone
    i blog, so what?

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    when i sign up for this acct on soft, i was very crazy about Michael Angelo Batio, so use his name lor...

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