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Thread: Which drummers have influenced you the most?

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    these guys sure to keep my fats moving

    Bernard Purdie
    Dennis Chambers
    Therion Gully
    Abe Laboriel Jr.
    John Blackwell Jr.
    David Garibaldi

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    My List....

    John Bonham
    Neil Pert
    Cozy Powell
    Mike Portnoy
    Bill Ward

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    1)Chad Smith(Rhcp/Chickenfoot)
    2)Taylor Hawkins(Foo Fighters/Coatail Riders)
    3)Dave Grohl(Them Crooked Vultures/Nirvana/Queens of the stone age)
    4)John Bonham(Led Zeppelin)

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    Portnoy and joey jordison

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    I admire only these two.

    Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan - Avenged Sevenfold
    Christian 'CC' Coma - Black Veil Brides

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    definitely Dom Howard of MUSE. The guy is super creative in all of the songs and his technique is just, unique!

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    Love threads like these! My own list in no particular order:

    Vinnie Colaiuta
    Thomas Pridgen
    Gavin Harrison
    Jojo Mayer
    John Bonham
    Complexity is a device that should be used in moderation.

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    Mitch Mittchell
    John Bonham
    Ian Pace
    Bill Ward
    Ginger Baker
    Joe Morello

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    Scott Travis
    Tommy Alderidge
    Tommy Lee
    Rikki Rocket
    Steven Adler
    Blas Elias
    zoltan chaney

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    1. vinnie colaiuta
    2. benny greb
    3. Steve smith
    4. chris coleman
    5. Buddy rich

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