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Thread: Which drummers have influenced you the most?

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    All of the above drummers I also look up to but am pretty much influenced by Scott Phillips from Alter Bridge (Prev. Creed) - his hi-hat works and fills.

    Look up = Damn good and am nowhere near. Influenced = Similar style when I am on the kit
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    Portnoy of dt. thomas lang . tony royster Jr. Steve Judd from karnivool.

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    Simon Phillips, Jeff Porcaro, Teddy Campbell, Aaron Spears, Jojo Mayer

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    bill bruford(king crimson) ,Gary Husband(level 42) ,manu katche (peter Gabriel band) , ,,,mick mason(pink foyld)

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    Dave Weckl
    Alex Acuna
    Steve Gadd
    Mike Portnoy
    Dennis Chambers

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    Keith Moon. Ringo Starr. haha Moon and Stars.

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    Buddy rich, Neil Peart, Joe Morello
    Every Heartbeat, A Quarter-Note.

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    Mine's got to be:

    Larry Mullen Jr. - U2
    Keith Moon - The Who (Maybe Zak Starkey now)
    Dom Howard - Muse
    Chad Butler - Switchfoot
    Chris Cester - Jet

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    David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)
    Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)
    Joey Jordison (Slipknot)
    Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre)
    Terry Bozio

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    mostly would be

    Carter Beauford (DMB)
    Stanton Moore (Galactic)
    Steve Jordan (John Mayer Trio)
    Daniel Adair (3 Doors Down)
    Mark Boatman..(??, local drummer)

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