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Thread: Which drummers have influenced you the most?

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    Yo Alvin!!! you're a massive Jack De'Johnette fan.... as you've stated. been meaning to listen to more jack. what albums do you recommend? apart from pictures...?

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    The three most influential drummers (in my life):

    Jose Pasillas (Incubus!)
    Chad Smith (RHCP!)
    Ringo Starr (The Beatles!)

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    oh okie i forgot, when i was like 16 i first heard this band called live. the drummer chad gracey was and still is a such an influence on me. listening to him i started to phrase my drum patterns differently, not just settling for any old rhythm. i started to play ghost notes as well. huge influence when i was 16. okie for the guys u don't think he;s fantastic, neil peart mentioned that he was his favourite drummmer in an MD interview. it was the 90's hehe

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    It took me a while to pick 5 drummers, for I have so many influences...

    Dominic Howard (Muse)
    Shannon Leto (30 Seconds To Mars)
    Jose Pasillas II (Incubus)
    Joe Dooling (Delian League)
    The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold)

    I'm also getting into Izumi, the drummer for J-Rock band Kagrra,...Check him out sometime, he's pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metzalx View Post
    I'm also getting into Izumi, the drummer for J-Rock band Kagrra,...Check him out sometime, he's pretty good.
    Ahhh yes. Nice one. I like Izumi's playing with Kagrra too.
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    Yo Aaron,

    You must check out all the live concerts of Keith Jarret Trio....Jack really burns!!!
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    Steven Morris - Joy Division / New Order (THE ultimate minimal drummer, go listen to JD's Closer....)

    J Read - Revenge / Conqueror (of course i can't play like that but the insane octopoid walloping is so damn hilariously addictive to attempt emulation)

    Klaus Dinger - Neu (the man who invented motorik......)

    John McEntire - Tortoise (powerful, straight yet fluid style)

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    Lol mel, i'm actually trying to tab out kagrra's "utakata", but its proving to be a very hard affair Got some parts can't really hear grahhhh

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    kagrra is kinda their 'san' album. they are more of melodic genre i guess.

    well well: my all time fav drummer that inspired me the most is mike portney frm dream theatre. and hiroki from 'd'. really hope i can match mike someday in his standards.he's a rollin' drummer mastro.

    -kai desu.

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    How can anyone forget one of the greatest drum composer of his time: Toto's Jeff Porcaro ?

    He was an inspiration to many of the idol drummers you all had listed

    Did anyone here master his signature groovy Rosanna beat yet ?

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