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Thread: Any recommendations for blues/jazz music?

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    Any recommendations for blues/jazz music?

    Hi guys,

    Recently I've grown very bored with my current music playlist... Been exploring other genres, mostly blues and jazz.

    I'm really not sure about the sub-genres and it's really not important to me. (eg. thrash, speed, black, nu-metal etc) I've also found hundreds of subgenre while surfing itune's music store.

    Anyone can recommend me some blues or jazz music? mainly i really want it slow, soft and soothing music. something which can be played in the background, while reading a book etc.

    something like BB King's "The Thrill is Gone", "Three o'clock Blues"

    Jazz... maybe something with soft piano and saxophone in it. something like Kenny G. sorry for being a noob but some jazz music on the itunes store sounds quite upbeat. with this constant bassline. i find it quite irritating. :mrgreen:

    so if any1 has any recommendations, pls share ya? thanks a lot in advance!!

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    you could try some of Jamiroquai, Brand new heavies, jazzanova, incognito, st.germain.

    the ones i recommend are jazz with those Deep bass, its the kind of music u get form from work to make you relax =)

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    Miles Davis-some kind of blues album
    John Coltrane
    Pat Martino
    Pat Meheny

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    When I think Jazz, I think Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan etc.

    I've some select Jazz albums for sale, you might want to check them out.

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    You should try vince guaraldi & bill evans.

    zero sax in those though but mui relaxing for background music.

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    I think you can try the new album from Oscar Peterson. It is very relax and below link you can listen to some trial

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    I think you are looking for Smooth Jazz.
    Let me hear the melodies of heaven.

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    omg... so sorry i didn't reply guys.

    neck deep in project and school work. thanks for replying and for the suggestions. will definitely check them out once i clear those @)*(@#$%_$*5 projects.

    Spot on pf! I just found out the type that im looking for is smooth jazz. lol. any suggestions?

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    hmm for smooth jazz you can try 'lee ritenour'. hes a kickass jazz guitarist, and he has some amazing tunes.


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    erm, dunno if i'm hyjacking ur thread by doing this but

    which jazz guitarist would you'all recommend to listen to?

    to me, so far, i've always been searching for jazz basissts ( since i'm lyk a bassist, duh!)
    so now i want to lyk listen to the guitaring of jazz to understand it more.

    any recommendations?

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