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Thread: Should SOFT get help from the government?

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    Question Off-Topic !

    spacetoparty.... Sorry, Off-Topic here, thank you for your kind understanding.

    Your Soft's Friendliest Moderator ! - Or Maybe Not ?

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    Free advertising space for SOFT on your site, perhaps? :mrgreen:

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    i jus donated 20 bucks yea its not much but if each person here can jus give 5 bucks which is frankly a pittance pls no excuses this site can be easily kept goin for all our benefit!!!

    as for other progs yea maybe go the grants route but the site shld remain a pure user forum.

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    Think about it, if there's a fee to access soft, there would probably be less spam, less people making multiple accounts to bump their thread or for whatever reason. Which might also lead to soft becoming a happier forum to surf.
    As for the tin can donation, most people donate their lose change and think about the manpower needed.
    I think getting companies that carry music instruments to sponsor would be a good idea though.

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    Bro FluxUs so you're the one that donated the S$20 - Thank You !.

    I will too donate, but will be handling James the the Cash when I meet him next week Saturday at the Soft's Meetup.

    Cheers !
    Your Soft's Friendliest Moderator ! - Or Maybe Not ?

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    say no to government help.

    yeah i dig the weekend pasar malam. do it soft gathering la!! coming. haha. then set up donation containers all around. im sure softies aren't that stingy right?

    IF 50 ppl come, each can donate maybe....$5? come on u all got so much money to buy gear this and that. then can get $250.

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    yeah no one is obliged to give all their pocket money to show support for a cause but i see the way ppl buy equipment theres def no freekin excuse not to chip in to keep something worthwhile like this space going.......theres only so much a brave few can take financially all the time.

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    maybe take a partner? NTUC is always looking for ways to get into the young music thing.

    give Mark K a call? he may at least have other idears for you.

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