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Thread: Should SOFT get help from the government?

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    Should SOFT get help from the government?

    Ok, it has come to a point where SOFT will not be able to effectively work towards it's goal - which is promoting music making without external help.

    I have tried donation, advertising sales and still I do not have enough to execute the various plans.

    A possibility would be to approach the government for help. It will not be easy. I don't know who to approach and how to go about doing it.

    If there is any SOFTie who can give me some ideas, feedback, suggestion or might know of someone who has the contact, I need your help.

    How is it that every now and then I see news about funds/grants and SOFT isn't getting any!

    With the many SOFTies around, I hope we can find a way.

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    hmm... try asking Anthony aka HeartRock?

    james, would you consider archiving old postings? some of the threads are way too old. maybe could move elsewhere to reduce server load.

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    alamak, we always kopi together. we in the same boat. wait, his is cruise, mine is a sampan.

    it is not only the server. i wanted to create more content and also improve the features on the website. but these are expensive stuff. something that i cannot afford from my own pocket.

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    i did some research on that before, most of the fund and grants from the NAC goes into the theater/acting scene, very very small % of it goes into the music scene.

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    i almost cried when i approached them last time.

    NAC: "Oh, but yours is a website? We cannot fund websites, maybe you can approach IDA."

    IDA: "Oh, you want to produce video material? I think you better approach MDA, they do film/video."

    MDA: "Oh, we have a Internet Public Education fund but yours is not really quite what we do."

    But I believe the fund/grant is there, just that I am not knocking on the right door.

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    hmm but usually governmental backing meants some degree of government control. :lol:

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    how much bw and space do the forums take up /month?

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    ha ha...I miss this thread. We are both sampans lah. But if both sampans tie together you get a cruise lor.
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    Maybe you should repackage what you are selling. Sometime an idea being renamed and proposed in a different way could turn eyes your way.

    Take an example. Corporate training (or motivational, or sucess), no body bat an eye to these last time. Now I heard, govt and linked institutes are paying bucks to do these 'workshop'. Slick packaging. IMO, the actual benifits of such session are at best limited.

    Again you must identify what is the goal and benifits, then bang hard on the points. Why not be commercial, show them that you could even make money from it, have a model to show.

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    Mikemann has a point. That's what I told the MCYS ppl, I will do social service with a corporate what? Bottom line is integrity and transparency, not officialdom. But of course do things absolutely lawful.
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