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Thread: BEWARE wif dealing non-locally n unknown ppl!

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    3.8k is alot of money. On top of that you have to pay other stuff as well.

    You maybe be partly to blame for this, but then still that just plain sucks.

    I feel you, man...
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    Bro, try seek legal advice.

    p.s. I've witnessed a similar incident 6 yrs back where after payment was made ($700), the officer refused to produce a receipt.

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    this is really crap feeling man...

    kudos to your commitment but good for all forummers to learn here that they need to protect themselves.

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    I am a Malaysian - firstly sorry if you've got to deal with crap like this. You should have asked for a non refundable deposit first - unless you know the person really well. Secondly, 3.8K is WAY too much to be paid for customs. A typical electrical product is taxed 10-30%. Now unless your PA systems is above SGD 10K there is very little chance for such a tax. Is there a receipt for the tax? Did you bring the invoice for the PA system when you were tax? There may be an avenue to recover the taxed money. If you have the invoice of the product - then you can ask the customs to reimburse the extra tax.

    For musical instruments the tax is 10%. However if you carry one guitar over - they will not tax you. I've done this a number of times. So far no taxes on guitars.

    Once again - sorry you had to go through this. You've got to be careful wether be it dealing with local or outside people.


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    I sold my Hotcake and Crunchbox to 2 Malaysians.

    For the Hotcake, the guy was supposed to come to Singapore to pickup some stuff and he decided to get the Hotcake at the same time. So no biggy there.
    For he Crunchbox, the guy asked his friend who was in Singapore at that time to help him deal. No biggy there either. Except his friend was quite pervertic. :\

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    deh i think customs ketok you.

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    Always ask before hand - is this going to be recorded in the receipts? If yes - only then make payment. Else the money is pocketed. Don't encourage bribes

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    Many 2nd hand dealers, retailers and studio owners still get their stuff from SG. I even know of some club owners in JB & Malacca who bought a whole set of stage equiptment 2nd hand from dealers here and bring back. Most I have heard them pay is MYR $150-200 for whole range of items. SGD 3.8K seems ..... odd.

    I recall recently the news about the Malaysian head of Immigration & his deputy getting busted for illegally issue of visas to foreigners for kick backs. I'm sure you all must have read & heard about this rite?

    We can all draw our own conclusions .....

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    gosh..i totally dunno abt the tax thingy!! tat (T) did mention tat malaysian bring in gonna tax a lot..n same for singaporean, but i didn't knwo so for the an old set (discontinue i mean) receipt...the roland P.A was being produced back long ago...
    they did provide e receipt...pretty lost..
    my sis bf did also intend to drive back n leave e stuffs but e custom dun allow!!!! they detain the car too...only the person himself allow to go off to raise e money.....
    i'll go to pollice station later on for advice...

    guys...pls b careful.. malaysian frenz...dun get e idea tat i'm against ur...jus a matter of custom n e peson i'm suppose to deal wif..tat's all..

    * if any1 can help me along e way to solve it..kindly text or call me at 96861924 ya..anyway, i enlisting back 2ml nite (sunday)
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    holy sh*t... 3.8k is alota money for tax... i really think u kena ketok.. that time i bring a small tv set go in, kena taxed $50... also kena ketok... no receipt..

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