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Thread: BEWARE wif dealing non-locally n unknown ppl!

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    BEWARE wif dealing non-locally n unknown ppl!

    i faced a damn shit prob...agreed a trade P.A system for a Bass guitar...tat person (T) lived in malaysia...he told me tat for malaysian to bring in things to malaysia gonna pay higher tax! so..he asked me to try n bring in...n my sis kindly agreed wif the help of her agreed the trade on sat (12/07/08) at malaysia (after the check point) tat point of time..i jus enlisted for 1 wk..n was being confined..

    so...i gave my trust n knowing tat the gonna pay high tax..i tried my best to make it a fair deal...

    so..the checkpoint area was damn sis n her bf was trapped for hrs!!! reached at the checkpoint..the custom ppl detain my sis n her bf for bringing P.A system..n charged them 3.8k singapore dollar!!! T, who promised to meet up chose not to sis bf called him to come down n help but he rejected (u know the feeling of...knowing no 1 at a foreign place wif the lost feeling?!?!)

    now...i nid to fork out the 3.8k to my sis bf, not only tat..i nid to pay him for petrol, his work (is night shift work..due to retain..he missed it)...not only tat..they asked my bro-in-law to go down wif money to settle it...i gonna pay again..

    i dun haf saving..jus started my NS (can imagine bah)...
    givin my trust...yet in return...tat's wat i got...tat person only mention tat he might gif me his bass which wun cover much at all...

    peeps out there...pls beware of dealing oversea...well..dealing locally at most waste transport n time rather than like my case...4k plus!!!

    sorry for posting...dunno i post at the rite area..but i only post in bass n guitar section..

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    Who else can you blame?
    It's your fault actually.

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    i feel for you man but my personal rule is, if it's too troublesome, don't take risks especially if there is no guarantee. So i'm afraid i agree with remy that you could have made more arrangements or looked for an alternative trade

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    ya...i agree on tat la... coz tat (T) is quite a regular n lookin through his posts...ppl gave him gd comment n he was pretty sincere...being soft hearted..i tried to make it a pleasant deal..n in between...we did try to make lots of arrangement....anyway.....didn't expect this to happen....
    but after all..i'm being polite as in..i didn't mention who is he...coz he haven't replied me wif an answer....

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    well whats done is done , becareful in the future

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    What's that T's username here?
    We love the Punggol Slap

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    3.8k seems to be a 'magic' number. like how 'magic' rabbits come out from a top hat

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    oh well stuff like this happens.

    its best we learn our lessons and move on

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    Things like this happened all the time. Too troublesome...means no deal bro. Sorry to hear that you've faced with this problem. First of all, maybe you are unaware...all electronics items that passes to Malaysia is taxable. Not in Singapore in particular. That's why, some 'smuggled' the electronics items and some 'bribe' to the right people for the Malaysian Immigration.

    There was one time in my life, a friend of mine a Malaysian who asked if I can give my old TV and Hi-Fi to him as I've got a new ones. Well, unknowingly like you I drive to the checkpoint out of goodwill to send it to my friend. He was with me at that time. When we passed the Malaysian Immigration, we were asked what the electronics item doing. Sincerely, I said I'm bringing it to give to my friend whose with me to his home in JB. The immigration officer asked my friend and he deny it. Wahlau eh? The immigration officer insist that I pay tax in order to bring it in. Seeing the commotion, I told my friend to get off my car and I'm U-turning back to Sg with all the stuffs. The immigration officer threatened me...but I said I don't care as I'm turning back. His superior came and he finally let me off but I'm still turning back to Singapore with all my stuffs. I sold it to the Karanguni man for $10 for both as it's a pain for all the trouble.

    I've never seen that so-called friend eversince.

    That was many years back!

    We all learnt from our lesson. What's done can't be undone.

    Only in God I trust!

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    no shit... kena taxed 3.8k. just throw everything into the straits of johor lah. maybe kena fined for littering??

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