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Thread: SOFT Jam 2008 3rd Aug Sunday 3-5pm

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    ok i'll bring one guitar in standard the other downtuned.

    Songs I already know how to play and wont mind playing

    Master of puppets

    Crazy Train

    Technical difficulties (I improvise my own solo)

    I'll stick to improvisation la.

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    technical difficulties. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!? !)@*!!!!

    faizal...make sure got another drummer come ah.ahaha...I bloody stressed now.

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    haha woah fierce sia. perhaps this jam should be renamed SOFT jam 2008- WARNING technical difficulties ahead aye? OMG
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    Hey, i'm a newbie here. Can I join the jam? I play guitar and bass

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    whoa technical difficulties. that's gonna be cool to see
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    Marshall01: Sure, there's room for 2 more. If ur coming, pls use the previous list of those who are coming, add ur name in there n post the updated one in a new reply

    frummer: I`ll make sure my drummer comes. If he really cannot, then no choice hahaha...
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    Maybe we'll come up with a punk song on tat very day called "Technical Difficulties"

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    Quote Originally Posted by faizal_rocks View Post
    theunknown: Thanks for the encouraging words, bro. I hope it will go well as planned.

    Which reminds me, I shall be bringing my little short-scale Danelectro Pro guitar to the jam so don't expect me to do solos past the 12th fret! Haha.. I shall take a backseat n play rhythm.

    Here are some songs that I have in mind to play:

    1) Come Together - Beatles - Fits the theme of the jam perfectly

    2) Sunshine of your love/Badge - Cream

    3) Blitzkrieg Bop/Now I wanna sniff some glue - Ramones

    4) Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

    5) Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix

    And the rest we`ll just improvise on some grooves n let nature take its course

    whoa bro, the songs i never listened to before... heh.
    other than hendrix one uh ^_^
    gua dgr metal uh bro. heh.

    nonetheless, i shall try my best to contribute to the jamming session !
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    hahah yeah me neither! hmm... what got in my mind was just someone to go up and shout "hey who knows how to play blabla!!?" then those who know come up and play anyhow.

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    Well guys, I`m predicting we are not going to play all songs tat I mentioned, just my idea of songs that I have in mind to play. I`m sure our dear fgl won't have problems with the songs I mentioned though

    So if u guys wanna do metal, come up with a riff melody on tat day, then we try to improvise from there, my Dano Pro can try to do metal hahaha :P

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