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Thread: What HEADPHONE would be the best for home recording?

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    What HEADPHONE would be the best for home recording?

    I'm very eager of building up a home recording studio.
    And what is confirmed on my list are the - Line 6 Toneport UX2 &
    - Audio Technica at2020 condenser

    The only thing i'm concerned about is what headphone would be suitable for my recordings.
    I'm inexperience in could anyone name me a GOOD(in most opinions) and of reasonable priced headphone for d studio?

    Or is my sound system good enough? (it has front,rear,center & bass speakers)
    (it's either altec lansing or creative)

    Anyway,I'm thinking of something that's not higher than $250 as i'm not that wealthy..lolz..
    Help me name them,anyone?

    Thank You..!

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    Go to Jaben Network @Adelphi, there you can try all the headphones u want, many brands, Beyerdynamic, Shure, Sennheiser, etc....
    Try DT770PRO, DT150 (for flat sound & good hear cupping) or ATH-M30 (more bass bias)
    All price within yr budget. Good luck!

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    Grado MS-1 FTW!!! lol. About $160. good for entry level listening and most prolly recording too. (u can get this in jaben)

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    i am using the sony mdr-700 dj decent for recording, use it for all my studio work and home recording and the occasional headphone practicing

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    i don't think that the dt150 is below 250.

    try the akg 271s.

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    User Info Menu using an AKG K141 Studio since forever...

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    i have 2 ATH-M30s. planning to get 2 more soon.
    [Check out the stuff I put up for sale starting from Free/$1 !]
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    i got a audio technica A700. superb monitoring headphones. brand new condition at 150 retails 215. if u keen contact me 96714402

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    Go for the Alessandro MS-1 (Grado Lab) ~!!~

    MS-1 , Alessandro , makers for Guitarists Amp sound~ , definitely not more than $ 180,

    yes, try Jaben !!!

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    I only uses Sony's Professional series: MDR-7506 or MDR-7509. It's widely used in all area of sound/audio productions from recording studios around the world to even hollywood's film sound.

    Can be found in Singapore, but hard. Because of it's local rare-ness but yet popular, dealer's in Singapore are selling at different prices, ranging from S$230-S$280.

    Buying via online will have a more fixed price. BUT however, (because Sony has got factories around the world), buying via online will have the risk of getting those Made-in-China stock.

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