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Thread: iPhone is finally released

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    iPhone is finally released

    Hi all,

    Finally, Apple officially release the iPhone is the States, as well as Europe, HongKong, Japan & Australia.

    Singapore is scheduled for release some time in mid September if I am not wrong. Price should be @ $1k for the 8gb & $1.4k for th 16gb according to foreign forums. Do correct me on this if you have a more updated info.

    For those who are interested, check here. More info, check here.

    What are your views on this new technology phone? Pen down your views and share it with the community? What are the pros and cons? Are you willing to spend that much dough on such a device etc.

    I personally own one, but it is the 2G model & I am loving it... Only complaint - the battery life not long enough to last through a couple of days unlike my prev nokia phone (maybe cuz of the apps running inside). I am totally enjoying it iPod & a Phone in one device... Shiok~

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    Long live apple! I'll get one for sure. come come..

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    I heard SingTel is releasing it in SG first, with MioTV installed inside and the plan is gonna cost a bomb...

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    Yeah it'd be a great device once I flash it. By itself, nothing of a big deal a Windows Mobile-based HTC can't live up to. For the future, I'm looking at something like which will be significantly much cheaper than the flagship iPhone model (if Apple's pricing remains the same) :mrgreen:

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    wow, looks like singtels gna make a killing if they price the iphone at such prices.

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    i doubt the iphone's gonna be priced at over a thousand. seeing as it's going for 199USD. that's pretty ridiculous imo

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    199 USD is with the plan & the plan AT&T wants u to sign isn't exactly the kind of student plan u would expect

    Imagine - how can an iPhone be cheaper than or equal price of the current iPod Touch? Does it make any sense @ all?

    gutturalpiss: no illegal stuffs here... dun wanna get James into trouble...

    I think SingTel selling $398 with plan for 8gb and $598 for 16gb with plan... and if I am not wrong here, you must sign a 3G plan with them for 24 months...

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    im giving my fullest support to the geeks of the world to do something abt it.
    crack it or something.

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    I heard 3G iphones are half the price of the normal ones? I got that info from the apple site.

    Anyways, if the iphones in SG are gonna be over a thousand, i rather import and unlock it once some geeks do it.

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    apple sucks!

    wozniak foreva!

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