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Thread: Meinl cymblas

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    Meinl cymblas

    Hi all

    anyone heard of the meinl cymbals before??
    or is there anyone in here doing a reviews on different brands and inches of cymbals in the market??
    i understand that different people have different taste for tones and sounds.
    i'm just asking to find out from a general point of view only, as i saw a broacher for the new meinl mb8 cymbals and am feeling a little curious. :mrgreen:

    thanks for the replies

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    Surprised no one answered this thread yet.

    I'm sure most, if not all, the drummers here on SOFT know Meinl and its products very well.

    Drool-worthy cymbals, they produce.

    There isn't a specific person doing drum/cymbal reviews, and as you can see, the Drums/Percussion Review section is pretty much stagnant. Those who own a nice collection of cymbals are usually too busy to do up reviews.

    Regarding the Mb8s, I know Drum_Hobbyist has at least one piece. You might wanna search out his nick here and PM him for more questions.

    Sidenote: I'll do up a bunch of reviews on my current batch of cymbals. Maybe, if Drum_Hobbyist has time to spare, I might ask him if I can go over to his place and do the reviews on his cymbals.

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    Yeah Jasper, I think we need to kickstart some reviews on drum gear to get people started on this section. Reviews section is supposed to be pretty informative on cymbals and drum gear. I'll post up some reviews, it'll be good if coupled with pictures too?

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