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Thread: Boss DS-1: A detailed take!

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    sounds bright ya? hmm, i dont even know why i have a ds-1, i use nasal heavy metaltone all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by teleplayer View Post
    OMG. I just got my 1979 ds-1. It sounded great even on a tele. Love it.
    I know!!! Beautiful.. Really beautiful.. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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    Mine is a Made in Taiwan DS-1 / black label. But the chip Toshiba TA7136AP opamp.
    I've tried a silver screw quite the same sound..

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    I had an mij DS1, it while it sounded good at bedroom levels, it tends to fizzle out at gig volumes. Ask shredcow.

    I prefer to use it as a booster rather than a primary drive pedal...check out the setting when Mr Vai used it during "the animal" in live at astoria.....the gain was at almost zero. Using it to boost an already overdriven amp works wonders.
    Nil Sine Labore
    Guitarist for Hidden Tracks

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    Added video to original post

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    so overall how do you guys rate the pedal? may think of getting it.

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    yea i am getting it too! iits gonna be my first pedal man. haha where can i get it (cheap and good) =x

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    Swee Lee, Ebenex, Standard Value, Look For Beez, Blackwood should have the BOSS DS-1 in stock..
    If you need them pre-modded, Look For Beez has his Beez mod, Standard Value has the Mike mod, and G77 has Robert Keeley's Ultra Eye-Seeing mod..
    I may not enjoy the stock Taiwanese DS-1 tone as it sounds nasal, but some people have used it in their music and it sounds great.. It all depends on your settings, amp used and guitar used as well..

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    thanks!!this review helped still looking for a good distortion pedal.the mij will do i guess

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    Glad you enjoyed it! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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