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Thread: Stickie Suggestions for How-To-Guitar Forum

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    may i suggest something........this may sound alittle senseless....but should we have links to ie. seymour duncan forums, regarding the more popular pickups. Allowing people who have little experience with pickups learn more about them from the other forums?
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    I think that's a good idea. In tandem with our own pup threads.

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    Wiring reasources for a LOT of stuff. 8)

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    video lessons :

    guitar backing tracks:

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    Theory Lessons

    Music theory made simpler. For me, at least

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    very nice, guys. Thanks for your contributions!

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    Guitar Rig Database of the stars:

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    heya. the stickied links don't work anymore.

    is anybody going to update them??? ops:

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    a good resource for total guitar noobs like me. =D.
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    Haf a nice new year peeps.

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    Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips

    His tips not bad, quite comprehensive. The keywords faciliates searches for the forum. 8)

    Keywords for search=acoustic guitar care preservation playing maintenance tips clubs resources tablature chords music metronome glossary folk repair icon cursor theme tuner 12 twelve string jokes humor wav real audio screensaver faq calendar pictures windows wallpaper links contempory christian music ccm steven curtis chapman chris rodriguez petra pfr sierra michael card third day bob hartman phil keaggy james taylor justin hayward john denver jim croce billy smiley paul mccartney neil young dan fogelberg jars of clay ffh wayne watson kirkpatrick gordon kennedy randy stonehill indigo

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