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Thread: Stickie Suggestions for How-To-Guitar Forum

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    Stickie Suggestions for How-To-Guitar Forum

    This thread is an offshoot of the other thread at, where most of us agree that some change is in order. Stickies appear to be the most popular panacea among pundits.
    This post will lay out the blueprint for how it might be done.
    I'll start off with a few useful links to get things rolling.




    Circle of Fifths(theory)


    Power Chords

    Whammy Bar Tricks

    Floyd Rose Primer

    Improving Ibanez Edge Arm Torque

    Guitar Picks


    As you can see, I indicated the relevant forum in the thread topic. In this case, it's the How-To-Guitar Forum. Every forum where repeated questions occur a lot should have its own Stickie Suggestion thread. We'll then have drummers suggesting stickies in the drum forums, and guitarists suggesting stickies in the guitar forums. Then we'll have a few experienced personnel adjucating between the threads, selecting the best ones to be stickified.
    Feel feel to throw in as many as you want, but remember, quality of link counts more than quantity.

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    wow, if you didn't list them out, i didn't know we have so much good stuff! :wink:

    ok, practise away!

    * please do it for the Guitar - Gear section too

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    very good links Mobius. Yours was actually one of the first posts I thought of but I just couldn't find it
    Now will some other folks do the same for the Guitar Gear Forum?

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    Once we feel we have a comprehensive variety of links, we will have knowledgable members sieve out the good links from the not-so-good, and then compile the final FAQ for a given subforum.

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    any more contributors??

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    More links, guys?

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    for the aspiring guitar builders, or for those who just wants something different...dunno whether this should belong here, but...yeah...there're stuff on how to repair and all too...

    check it out.. =)
    guitarists do it with a strap on

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