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Thread: enquiry on learning guitar

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    enquiry on learning guitar

    Here to ask for advice for a friend who wants to play the electric guitar and wants to learn music theory.

    However he is still a guitar beginner and only knows how to strum a few songs on his acoustic guitar. Recently, he bought a beginner esp ltd package.
    Should he go for ABRSM classical guitar class to hone technical guitar skills and learn electric guitar from the internet or straight away go for eletric guitar classes? He intends to play metal and he is quite eager to play songs on his electric guitar.
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    Since he's eager to play on his E. guitar, I suggest he starts with electric guitar unless he wants to learn in more depth like reading music notations and learn songs where he'd start with playing easy classical songs (mary had a little lamb or something Lol), and what not which classical guitar lessons would probably provide.

    By taking e. guitar lessons, he'll also learn many lead guitar techniques as well as theory which will prove useful for his music playing preferences, like bending, picking, scales which metal consists of. IMHO, learning electric guitar and classical will teach him very different techniques at a point which are also meant for rather different genres of music, so he should make a careful choice or it might affect his desire to play the guitar right from the beginning.
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    Take a note from Marty Friedman, learn only what you need, no point learning flamenco if you want to play death metal.

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    A side note.. taking classical guitar only allows u good mastery of the fret board and good music theory (only if u really use effort to learn it and not learn to play songs by memory only). Thats prolly what u can port over to the electric guitar. Electric guitar commands total diff techniques and stuff.
    My suggestion is.. start with electric guitar if hes really into electric music.
    P.S: It's hard to play Mary had a little lamp with feel.. even with only 3 notes on a string in a scale.....

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    nursery songs/classical songs taught in classical guitar courses are alot more... simplified though, like pressing one key by one key on a piano, so if one wants to learn the theory and techniques, and is patient and not afraid of the boredom, they can try classical. To play with feel even for Mary had a little lamb is a different thing already :/

    Like what Hydrofly said, learn what you need.

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    Is it advisable to take classical lessons and learn eletric guitar at the same time?

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    I didn't need classical guitar to learn music theory! This can be studied on your own, music theory books are available off the shelf. It helps if you take another instrument and attain a classical background, I do classical italian opera too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satoshi View Post
    Is it advisable to take classical lessons and learn eletric guitar at the same time?
    I think it's a waste since both are guitars. Just take one as everything else is on the internet, in books, and if you have friends, 'use' them

    Maybe your friend should go to the school and ask the teachers instead on which is advisable.

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