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    Hmm...seems like no one contributing to this thread anymore? I'll start with Jamplay . Incredible HIGH-DEFINITION videos. Seriously, there are hundreds of quality guitar video instruction there and the teachers are not those "I wanna get famous on youtube, so I'll post some crappy random guitar lesson". It's not free but I've been on the site for a while now and have learnt ALOT.
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    I've found some nice info on this site:
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    haha a very unusual source X.X

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    I must agree that jamplay's good. I'm not a premium member but the free lesssons were very helpful. Other sites i've come across to be useful are: <<< This guy's from The Guitar Institute. Good teacher, the lessons are free (almost all of em) but this site runs a hunour system whereby, if u got $$ to donate. If u can't afford den feel free to use this site for free << Just come across this webby recently so i dun have a good look of alll the lessons but you can find useful stuff to help wif shreadding (mechanical stuff) or <<< This guy has quite a collection of lessons on how to play popular rock/blues lessons. He gives detail instuctions and his vids now have tabs
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    This link has a collection of cool and fun guitar videos.

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    Just thought I'd make a contribution with my own videos to help fellow SOFTies set up a dotted eighth delay in a variety of situations:

    Coffeeholics Studios: Dotted Eighth Delay Studies

    Coffeeholics Studios
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