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Thread: Video Lessons Link

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    hey I have a link to share from a novice, nothing compared to what u guys have here, but I think it helps beginners who wanna strum n sing only...

    pardon the lack of pop songs example, but will record some john mayer (st patrick's day, my stupid mouth, y georgia, daughters), james blunt (you're beautiful) n other songs when i have the time...trying to do it monthly
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    can we add the lessons from guitar world by the artists emself?

    or video lessons posted by other people as well.

    video lesson for Seek & Destroy intro.

    steven stevens gutiar lesson ( uber cool)

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    this is one of the best!
    this guy does a lot of lessons esp intros for famous songs.
    take a look.

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    john petrucci's rock discipline. the whole version.
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    i'll add this free site with a lot of embedded videos

    it's pretty good for beginner

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    a great resource

    a lotta good stuff here.

    oh btw hi everyone. my first post!
    thot i'd start off by sharing something good.

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    Some Dead links above!
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    seeing that there are quite a number of broken/dead links up there...
    here's one updated.

    pinch harmonics:

    Pinch Harmonics | Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

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    all the links in the original post are missing from the ultimate guitar website. maybe a new thread could be formed? =)

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    Would appreciate if you could recomend me a good music school with
    really good gutarist teacher to teach me how to do plucking of " Blackbird"
    song. My pleasure to hear from you)

    Thanks a lot

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaiyen View Post
    very useful thread, this should be a sticky or something.
    could save this website a lot of bandwith too by directing relevant questions here.

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