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Thread: Paiste Dark Energy Mark I hats

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    Paiste Dark Energy Mark I hats

    i own the mark 1 hat, which i use every night.
    medium thin top with extra heavy bottom give a crispy chick sound.
    for those like to play hi hat pattern, this is one of the good choice.
    it is quite versatile, but for metal or rock, it is abit lack of cutting( i feel), still those metal / heavy hats do the best in rock.

    anyway, it is still a well delivering hats. if 5 star is the best rating, then mark I hats can get 5 star.
    another thing, due to some kind of raw finish on the surface, so we dun need to worry about scratch during cleaning cymbals, so it doesn't need well care, haha

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    This hats are really good! The new (not so new) line of Paiste Signature, the dark side! The hats I've yet to play before, but heard so many good reviews. It'll be good if we can have some pictures of it? Comments on its sound?

    Lets try to make this section alive! Sadly it's pretty dead! I'll come up with some more reviews of what I have!

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    Glad you like the hats man! I still miss them a lot! Hahaha! But I had to move on to other brands. Where you playing now?

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