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Thread: Sound proof room to play drums

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    Sound proof room to play drums

    Hey guys, i've got some problems here.

    I am soon getting my acoustic drumkit this year and my neighbours are kinda fussy bout noise created even in the afternoon, i was wondering is there any cheap way to sounproof my room?? and how?? i wanna completely sound proof it neatly so the room doesnt look so messy and the best thing is if it's detachable.

    One more question is, how much do i need to get someone to soundproof my room ?? do u guys have any lobangs?? please help! cheers!

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    Soundproofing eh? We are talking about thousands of dollars here with serious reconstruction work involved.

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    Soundproofing rooms cost an atomic bomb!!!

    Another probable solution is too buy drum mutes for ur toms and crashes.

    Drum Resources, Swee Lee and Yamaha has it.
    Like my new avatar??!!!

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    I think the fine for noise pollution is still cheaper than soundproofing the room.

    Moral of the story: Bash away.

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    Oh well there is always the DIY method... wad my friend did was that he covered hes floor with thick carpets, for the walls, he used like styrofoams, old bed sheets.... anythin to dampen the sound... up to like 10cm thick then he used those paper egg trays to cover..... It worked pretty well. When i was outside the room, you can onli hear abit of sound.... and that was when hes band was blasting through their amps and the drum crashing....

    he told me he spent onli like $50..... for the nailz and glue... the rest was all donated or found near rubbish disposalz....

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    liddat rm wud be stuffy and ugly?

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    With proper lighting and a blasting air-con it'll be pretty cozy... oh well this is one the suggestion... other than that... thought of buyin an electric drumset? It may cost more, but you save from the trouble of sound proofin the room...

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    hmm, to think bout it right, i think it'll be kinda messy doing the D.I.Y, but soundproofing the room and reconstructing is how much ar ?? im just curious bout the maximum amount tht can be spend

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    Just finished

    Hi, PM me, you can have a look at my room. I have just finished mine. Going to paint during the holidays



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    Carpets, mattress, styrofoam can only absorb high frequency sound at best.

    "Sound proofing" low freq. sounds like drums requires not only AIRTIGHT space, thick sound barriers (walls/ceilings of the right material and construction) but also extensive schemes to "float" the entire room to minimise structurally transmitted vibrations.

    Now you know why in SG there aren't any bands that started in their garages. Because most of us are housed in "bird cages", our music has to be pigeon-holed along with it.

    Be a considerate neighbour. Get practise pads/e-drums/triggers/drum modules/samples instead.

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