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Thread: Sabian Artisan Medium 22" Ride

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    Sabian Artisan Medium 22" Ride

    A work of art this cymbal is.

    First up, pictures:

    Without flash:

    With flash:

    Side profile of cymbal:

    My apologies for the poorly-taken pictures.

    Sabian's take:

    With 'high density' hand hammering, sizzling hot, dark tone, and crisp stick 'click', this ride is rich with traditional tone.


    Gorgeous example of a cymbal. Prolly one of the trashiest Sabians I've ever heard, other than the O-zones. Very nice woody stick with a dark and pretty complex wash. Nasty (In a good way, of course) monstrous crash, very oriental-like trashiness; I like. Cutting yet musical bell.

    Comments much appreciated.

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    Jeepers, nice ride! I'm quite a fan of the Sabian Vault series actually. Would the ride cut for jazz since you mentioned some dark wash?

    Also you dun mind me asking, the 2nd picture of your ride (with flash) shows two colours on your ride? Looks a little green on the left hand side? But it looks okay in the first picture??

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    Haha Drumsolo86, thanks! You've got a killer ride as well!

    Yup I reckon it would do very well in jazz. Have you heard old K's? The Artisan sounds quite similar. A lot of people say Bosphorus/Agop have rides that sound very old K-ish, but personally I think this is one of, if not, the rides that is pretty similar to an old K.

    Uh I think it's the lighting in the room, took at night. My apologies for the picture quality, will snap replacements tomorrow, possibly do a recording of the ride itself as well.

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    I got 1 22" artisan light ride.

    Maybe we can meet up to try each others.


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    Interesting, and a very nice gesture.

    Will PM you later today.

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