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Thread: Volunteer to scan forum for undesirable content

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    lets keep this forum a free speaking place without moderators chasing users....i mean if that person is rude...tell 'im straight to the face and ban 'im!

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    I don't usually read through moderating and stuffs because all the forums I have been to has their own way of mgmt. I used to have a forum for myself and participate in a tonne others, so much that I can't even find the time to go back to every single one.

    The most prominent probs a forum can face is having too many moderators. Moderators start having a click of their own and interest clashes. Don't say it's not possible, it happens all the time somehow or rather, be it you like it or not. So do take caution when deciding on the rate of moderation...

    My 2 cents worth...

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    im in! i agree with james

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    Soft if ya need help, i volunteer myself..i have some experience in forum administration, i am a forum admin myself.

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