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Thread: Steve Harris Playing Style

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    Steve Harris Playing Style

    Ever seen how Steve Harris of Iron Maiden plays his bass? He just plucks the strings so effortlessly and so so smoothly. It's like he is just touching the bass strings. Even for 'galloping' basslines like the trooper or more technical stuff like phantom of the opera, it all seems so effortless for him. i really really enjoy watching him play :P rayer:

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    That's what happens after 20+++ years of playing.

    Fingers of steel... 8O

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    steve harris IS iron maiden. \m/
    NOTICE: I'm a cross carrier, with 2 sticks in my hands and 2 pedals on my feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by somebody
    steve harris IS iron maiden. \m/

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    harris seems to be more prominent in defining iron maiden's signature sound than the other louder members.

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    And that speaks volumes about him, with three guitarists and all.

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    I wouldnt call it plucking the strings. Hes more like hitting them percussively. Unique sound! John Entwhistle and him do it differently.

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    i find harris's tone damn strong ..

    when they play live .. his tone has a lot of presence .. its like .. can be heard well . .and it really adds to the kick man !!

    and hell yea.. he makes everything look so damn easy ,

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    the ease comes from years and years of gig.

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    Steve Harris is so hot when he plays the bass. LOL. But seriously. There won't be an Iron Maiden without him. \m/

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