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Thread: what is GAS? or GASing

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    what is GAS? or GASing

    hey sorry i keep seeing people use it and it bugs me not to know what it means lol

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    gear acquisition syndrome.
    GASing is the act of wanting to acquire gear.
    GAS is a noun,
    GASing is a verb (:
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    OH mastershredder, the world of SOFT!!!!

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    2. GAS
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    Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. Coined by Walter Becker of Steely Dan in a short article in an early 1990s Guitar Player magazine.

    I sure do have GAS for that Heritage archtop.

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    This is Gasing!

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    ^ Gasing pwns PSP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by faizal_rocks View Post

    This is Gasing!
    HAHAHA nice one bro! +1!
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    Haha thanks guys!

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