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Thread: Where should i go?

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    Where should i go?

    Hi fellow guitarists!
    I need some help as to which music school i should go for an electric guitar course... Hope that you people can help me.

    I have neen playing the acoustic guitar for some time and now i am going to learning the electric. However i don't really know how to choose the right music school to go to for my lessons.

    I have heard suggestions that SoMa is a good music school, but i would also like to find more about other schools. What i would expect from the courses is that i would get to learn guitar theory along with the practical.

    So please help me evaluate the pros and cons about the different music schools in Singapore! I would really appreciate some advise

    * I don't know if this helps, but i would like to learn blues, funk and soul. Basically i like to improvise and do solos. xD

    Thank you all!

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    lol, just happen to see ur post. was about to log off. did u post this topic in other sections before? actually in other sections pp have been discussing bout all these. i personally recommend u to go yamaha. Y? coz since u said u r a beginner. u might have heard stories that they r very slow in coaching etc. but think about it, how slow can it be? lol. anyway u might later on find the pace to be just right. they do have a systematic programme for u to progress. many levels and exams for u to take. they definately have a certain kind of standard there. for newbies... IMO i would definately recommend u to learn there. fees wise... i would say reasonable.

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