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Thread: Pearl Multi-way Piccolo Snare Drum

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    ok guys, i'm gonna email u all tonite (those in the interest list)

    looks like we'll have to do a mass order this time round via ishibashi, there is a shipment window and swee lee may only be able to bring this in end of the year or Q1 next year.

    check ur PM boxes!!!


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    HEY ALFE!!!

    Thanks for going thru all the trouble man... this is really exciting!

    broken sticks, muscle aches, worn out skins, cymbal dents... its all part of the process

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    ok all PMs sent. pls check ur mailboxes.

    jonathan's comment about a drumset of these is a lightbulb.

    the idea is really innovative, who knows, someday they'll make all drumsets with this triple steel insert on all shells. this way, every acoustic drumset can be dampened from inside with multiple layers and then it become versatile for both home practice and quality outdoor gigging...

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    yes, thanks Bro Alfe (for taking all the trouble helping us get this snare) - this is indeed a great Snare, how can I not have one...

    PS:- Bro - mine is the Silver one (like your one) har?
    Your Soft's Friendliest Moderator ! - Or Maybe Not ?

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